In the process of processing, every process is very critical. If there is a process that is not operated in time due to carelessness in the process of processing, it is very likely to immediately endanger the final actual effect of the product. Therefore, in the process of work, the operating staff must be very careful to treat each processing step.

1. Excessive dispersion of CNC machining processes

The main reason for this problem is that the process is cumbersome, so the operator omits some steps, the programming is simple, the operation and processing are simplified, and the general processing is used. As a result, it is not easy to ensure product quality (shape tolerance), and productivity cannot be fully utilized.
Therefore, CNC machining engineers and operators should comprehensively understand the professional knowledge of CNC machine tool machining, try more to grasp the relevant professional knowledge, and try to use the method of centralized process to carry out machining. . After the selection process is centralized, the processing time of the enterprise is increased. We have arranged two machines and equipment at zero distance, and completed the operation of two machines and equipment by one person. The high efficiency has been greatly improved, and the quality has been well ensured.

2. The CNC machining sequence is not scientific

Some CNC machining operators fully consider some of the difficulties in preparation in advance, and often assign the machining sequence to be extremely unscientific. CNC machine tool processing is generally carried out according to the provisions of the general mechanical equipment processing technology, such as first coarse and then fine (tool change), first inside and then outside, and effectively select the main parameters of drilling, so that the quality and high efficiency can be improved.

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