Aluminum | Plastic Extrusion Services

If you are looking for an extrusion profile cut in a certain length and the volume you require is high, you should definitely go with an extrusion company directly. There are lots of extrusion companies dealing with high-volume production. Though, these companies are not willing to handle low-volume aluminum & plastic extrusion projects, unless you are one of their VIP customers. so it is very difficult get prototype aluminum extrusions & prototype plastic short run aluminum extrusions.

At AIXI, we have solid partners for short run custom aluminum extrusions & short run plastic extrusion services. They are only take good care of our projects, both in quality and lead times. We are also routinely do quality control and offer testing report before shipment.

Compared with traditional extrusion companies, we have a large amount of CNC machines, so we can do precision post-machining in house.

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Advantages Of Extrusion Services

1. Improve the deformability of aluminum. Aluminum is in a strong three-dimensional compressive stress state in the extrusion deformation zone, which can give full play to its plasticity and obtain a large amount of deformation.
2. The comprehensive quality of the products is high. Extrusion molding can improve the structure of aluminum and improve its mechanical properties. After quenching and aging, the longitudinal (extrusion direction) mechanical properties of its extruded products are much higher than similar products produced by other processing methods.
3. Wide product range. Extrusion molding can not only produce tubes, rods, and wires with simple cross-sectional shapes, but also solid and hollow profiles with very complex cross-sectional shapes.
4. Large production flexibility. Extrusion molding has great flexibility. You can produce products of different shapes, sizes, specifications and varieties on the same equipment only by changing molds, and the operation of changing molds is simple, convenient, time-consuming, and efficient.
5. Simple process and low equipment investment. Compared with the pipe and profile production processes such as piercing rolling and pass rolling, extrusion molding has the advantages of short process flow, less equipment and less investment.

Applications For Extrusion Services




Construction Industry



Medical Devices

Display Industry

Why Choose AIXI for Aluminum | Plastic Extrusion?

AIXI offers both aluminum extrusion and plastic extrusion services to transform aluminum alloys and high-quality plastics into specified shapes that meet your specifications. If you need rapid prototyping or low-volume manufactured products with a definitive cross-sectional profile, then extrusion is definitely for you.

The process starts with selecting a design that will be functional as well as durable. Our team of designers here at AIXI is adept at creating designs. We consult with our customers in order to figure out the correct extrusion shape, assembly protocols, weight reduction, and to make sure parts meet full functionality.

After this strategic design process is complete, we begin creating your design from either plastic or aluminum alloys, depending on your requirement. Appearance is also high on our list since it is our aim to create parts that not only work well but look great too.


Common Aluminum | Plastic Extrusion Materials

Plastic Extrusion

Plastic extrusion common materials: Nylon, PC, ABS, PP, PVC, PE, PS, PMMA.

Aluminum Extrusion

Aluminum extrusion common material: 6061, 6063, 6061-T5, 6063-T5.

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