AIXI Hardware ISO Certifications – CNC Machining Products & Services Quality Management

In order to ensure the quality of products, improve the service of company personnel, and improve customer satisfaction, in 2020, we passed the quality system review of DAS company and obtained the ISO certificate.

The ISO certificate will prove our commitment and will always provide you with the best products, high-precision CNC machining prototypes, fast feedback and the best service.

ISO 9001 is one of the ISO 9000 series of standards. The requirements of the ISO quality management system include facilities, personnel, training, services and equipment. ISO: 9001 is a management system that regards standardization, documentation and consistency as the key to control product quality and service .

In the past year of obtaining the ISO certificate, our performance has been greatly improved, and we have received a lot of good feedback from customers, which also puts us in a leading position in the manufacturing industry.

ISO 9001 aixi

AIXI Hardware Professional Inspection Report – Ensure Every Size According Your Drawings

we will send the inspection report and products pictures to you confrim it before shipment, so these is no any wrong when you received products.

We will use below inspetion tool, and there is a substitute letter for each tool, and the right pictures is QC report model ,So you will clearly see if the dimensions are correct, then you will know everything before you received package.


B-Surface Tester




F-Thread Gauge

G-Height Gauge

QC report

Material Test Report – Verify Every Type Material Is Correct

We will ask material report from supplier when buy raw material, then confirm the material if correct. and send to our customers with the products together.

We have made almost all common material, and have rich experience know how do to it. because different material, use program and tool is different. if you have any material need machining, welcome contact us.


Stainless Steel, Iron

Brass, Copper








AL6061 MTR

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