CNC machining has already won the race because of its high accuracy. Whether you use plastic or solid materials, this subtractive manufacturing eliminates unnecessary margins and produces a perfect material. One of the most popular materials is PEEK— a thermoplastic polymer. It offers excellent applications due to elegant corrosion resistance and strength.


Today, we have combined the CNC machining with Peek and highlighted why you should consider machining PEEK instead of injection molding. Let’s sift through crucial tips in the end!


What is PEEK? 

What is PEEK

PEEK is a buzzword for polyether ether ketone, which is a plastic material. It is a semi-crystalline material belonging to the PAEK family. Because of its excellent strength and sustainability at higher temperatures, it is suitable for high-temperature applications. For example, industrial-grade products believe in the supremacy of this plastic material.


Characteristics of PEEK include:


  • High-temperature resistance 
  • High melting point
  • Resistance to wear and tear.
  • Excellent strength 
  • Dimensional stability 
  • Biocompatibility 


Why is PEEK suitable for machining instead of Injection molding?

Why is PEEK suitable for machining instead of Injection molding

You might have heard of PEEK’s association with injection molding, but this time, CNC machining has won the race because of the following features.


  • Complex structure formation. Regarding atypical structure formation, injection molding fails or consumes more time. PEEK’s excellent features are compatible with CNC machines and help design complex structures quickly.
  • Better customization. CNC machines allow the complete customization of designs within less time and at inexpensive costs. Therefore, it has knocked out injection molding for PEEK!
  • Prototyping. Are you designing your first sample? Machining PEEK can speed it up and save you time. You’ll also expect accuracy in design and production with no human errors.
  • Greater control. PEEK machining lets you supervise, modify, and rewrite the production rules. That means you are the owner of the production. That offers a massive role in efficient production.


Advantages of machining PEEK

Advantages of machining PEEK

Suppose you are wondering about the CNC machining PEEK; no surprises. It offers a complex shelter for a variety of products. The benefits include:


Material Advantages


PEEK has many excellent features that make it a place in the top machining materials. Here are some material-related benefits of PEEK!


  • Excellent mechanical strength. PEEK is a peerless choice concerning stress applications. It can ensure high pressure and maintain its shape. Therefore, industrial applications deploy this material for product manufacturing.
  • Thermal resistance. You can’t ignore the stability of PEEK at higher temperatures. It doesn’t get fire, keeping the health risks miles away. Moreover, aerospace applications can get additional benefits of resistance.
  • Chemical Resistance. PEEK is resistant to hydrolysis and harsh chemicals. Therefore, it is a suitable choice for many industries that encounter chemicals daily.
  • Wear-and-tear Resistance. Unsurprisingly, PEEK stands out as a top material for wear resistance. Its high strength and corrosion resistance don’t let it down. Even a massive force can’t deteriorate its composition rapidly.
  • Machinability. Though PEEK is hard, it leaves no stone unturned as a top material for machining. Excellent features keep it used in different materials. You can create various structures and shape them into other forms.
  • Biocompatibility. PEEK isn’t like other plastic materials, which are toxic and carcinogenic. It is non-toxic and is excellent for use in medical devices.


CNC Machining Advantages


CNC machining is very accurate and sorts out the production processes with high efficiency. Here is an overview of all the benefits of CNC machining.


  • High accuracy. Computers can help better code the production processes. Accurate coding can eliminate the risks of human errors and ensure 100% precise production.
  • High repeatability. You can repeat the same production whenever and wherever you need. All you have to do is to feed the production data and control processes.
  • Effective Structure Formation. Many processes are stuck in producing favorable designs, but CNC machines don’t. They offer flawless production. Choose your design. Use the tools and computers to make the exact design. You can manufacture complex patterns, too.
  • High performance. Since the whole production is automatic, you increase productivity. Get a high performance and faster prototyping of your products.


Applications of machining PEEK


PEEK is famous for its wide applications in different industries. Do you know the secret behind such high use? All praise goes to its excellent features, which make it suitable. We have added features and relevant applications to the table.


Feature Description Suitable Applications
High-Temperature Resistance Temperatures up to 250°C Aerospace components, automotive parts, electronics insulators
Chemical Resistance Highly resistant to chemicals, including solvents, acids, and bases. Chemical processing equipment, medical devices, food processing
Mechanical Strength Excellent tensile strength and stiffness. Structural components, mechanical bearings, gears, and fasteners
Low Flammability Inherently flame retardant with low smoke and toxic gas emission. Aerospace, automotive interiors, electrical enclosures
Biocompatibility Compatible with body tissues. Medical implants, surgical instruments, dental devices
Dimensional Stability Maintains properties over a wide range of temperatures. Precision parts, aerospace components, electronic connectors
Wear and Abrasion Resistance Resistant to wear and abrasion, extending the lifespan of parts. Bearings, bushings, seals, and wear strips
Electrical Insulation Excellent electrical insulating properties. Electrical and electronic components, insulators


Let’s discuss two central applications of the machining PEEK!


Industrial Grade Applications


PEEK can be an efficient tool for industrial products. The following industries have deployed it. Check them now!


  • Aerospace industry


Machinery owes a lot to the mechanical strength of the PEEK. Many components of airplanes contain the PEEK. These can be:


  • Valve components
  • Seals
  • Bearings


The reason behind its use is quite simple. It is a durable material with a lightweight nature, leading to sustainability at high altitudes.


  • Automotive Sector 


High-performance vehicles and trucks use the PEEK to manufacture some essential tools. Standard automotive tools include:


  • Piston parts
  • Pumps
  • Electrical components’ insulation 


The high wear and tear resistance of PEEK makes it the ultimate choice for this industry. Its compatibility and high performance are other reasons for its usage.


  • Electrical products


Since PEEK is heat tolerant, it can be a component of electrical wires. It makes perfect insulation on the cables and avoids accidents by reducing flammability. 


It is also a good part of the connectors and circuit boards. The purpose is to keep fire-related accidents away.


  • Oil and Gas industry


How can you forget the PEEK in the oil industry? PEEK is a chemical-resistant material that is better used in gaskets and other parts of the oil industry. Since it resists flammability, you can reduce the number of accidents in your industry.


Medical Applications


If you compare the PEEK with other plastic types, PEEK is the winner. It matches the human body composition and doesn’t cause an immune reaction.


Therefore, it is a component of surgical instruments and nurtures efficiency in human body implants. The most common implants made with the PEEK include:


  • Fusion devices
  • Hip and knee replacements
  • Dental healing caps


In the surgical sector, it stands out during the sterilization process. High-temperature resistance can help undergo sterilization without any degradation. Surgeons can save costs on medical devices.


Tips for Machining PEEK


PEEK can undergo machining despite its strength and excellent wear resistance. But before it goes through machining, there are a few tips to consider. You can optimize the output in the following ways.




Before PEEK undergoes thorough machining, it is better to relieve the stress and reduce the chances of cracks. How is it possible?


Say thanks to the annealing, which has made it possible. Annealing is a process that decreases stress on the surface. PEEK retains its shape and avoids deformation. But remember, there can be many stages of annealing. You should consider this process before the material undergoes machining.


Cutting Tools tips


Cutting is another crucial concept in the process. It can remove the specific parts and customize the shapes. However, there are some essential points about cutting tools. For example:


  • Use the silicon carbide for the PEEK cutting. It is compatible and offers the highest results. Moreover, the risks of errors decrease.
  • If PEEK has a highly tight tolerance, you can consider diamond tools. They deliver an excellent cutting facility for the material. You’ll get high efficiency with accurate cutting operations.
  • Don’t use the same tools on PEEK cutting if they have already been used for cutting metals. It can keep contamination away and provide effective results.
  • Use the experts who know how to and when to cut. Beginner’s cutting can change the shape and cut off the surface glamor.


Wet or dry


PEEK can feature different heat properties compared to other plastic materials. Its heat resistance avoids heat dissipation during the machining process. However, cracks in the material arise.


How do you avoid it?


You can cool down the PEEK by using the liquid cooling process. However, medical devices require pressurized air cooling as it can increase the material’s toxicity.



Drilling is the process of making holes. Please don’t go for it unless it is 100% crucial for your task. Deep hole drilling is very ineffective because it can cause material cracks. PEEK is different from other plastic types and has a lower elongation. Therefore, be careful when drilling deep holes into the material.




PEEK has revolutionized production. Non-toxic and health benefits make it optimal for many industries. Plus, temperature resistance ensures better workability even at the high temperature. But, it would help if you found the experts for machining PEEK, as your setup can be expensive.


Don’t worry; AIXI hardware is here to fulfill your dreams. We have years of experience in CNC machining and get the highest efficiency production. Minimize the errors and reduce the costs. Check out our CNC machining services now!

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