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Nowadays, the world advocates environmental protection, and the selection of silicone molds is also very much. The silicone mold is a very environmentally friendly process, and the products produced are transparent, and can also be made according to the color specified by the customer. The color selectivity is more than that of the injection molding. In terms of silicone molds, the production time is very fast. Generally, it can be finished on the same day. It can achieve higher precision products, and the surface of the product is very smooth. It is not necessary to make surface treatment again. If other special surfaces are needed, we You can also choose to make a spray paint.

In general, vacuum casting is very advantageous for the production of prototypes and the production of small batches.

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Advantages of Vacuum Casting

1: Vacuum casting is also a process of rapid prototyping. It’s not like making a mold for a long time, but a few days to complete the product.

2: The choice of color is more diversified, and the surface of the produced product is very smooth. It is also possible to make very large products.

3: Compared with 3D printingCNC machining and so on , the price of silicone mold is the cheapest one, which is also a great advantage for product development. 

4: The production of prototypes and small batches currently has a big advantage.

Common Applications for Vacuum Casting 

Visual prototypes

Concept proofs

Cases and covers

Low-volume production

Market testing


Trade shows

Automobile tail light

How Much Do You Know Vacuum Casting?

Vacuum casting, as its name suggests, is insulated from air by injecting liquid material into the mold by vacuum, which is not the same as injection molding.

Vacuum casting is effective in controlling bubbles, so there is always a very good surface, and the taillights of the car are made by vacuum casting.

Vacuum casting and computer simulation analysis of the mold can predict the generation of casting defects, which can save time and improve production efficiency for the design of the mold design.

The vacuum die casting method greatly reduces the back pressure of the cavity, and can use a lower specific pressure and an alloy with poor casting properties, and it is possible to die-cast a larger casting with a small machine.

Vacuum casting

How to make Silicone Molding ?

1. The mold silicone and the curing agent are evenly stirred. The appearance of the mold silica gel is a flowing liquid, the component A is silica gel, and the component B is a curing agent. For example, 100 g of silica gel is added, and 2 g of a curing agent is added (Note: the silica gel and the curing agent must be uniformly stirred, if not stirred uniformly, The mold will have a condition of uneven curing and drying, which will affect the service life of the silicone mold, and the number of times of mold turning, and even cause the mold to be scrapped.

More steps

Vacuum Casting Materials

Vacuum casting can be made into hundreds of materials, and products with different hardness can be made according to customer requirements

It can also produce products of various colors according to the Pantone color code provided by the customer

It can also make transparent and translucent products. The materials usually manufactured by aixi are as follows:

Resin Rubber PA ABS PC POM PP PE

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