Sheet Metal Prototyping Fabrication

For some bending metal plates, we usually call it sheet metal processing. At present, in our company, the most produced ones are audio products, outer casings, internal brackets, and sheet metal prototype processing is very fast, and the price of sheet metal processing is relatively high. Lower in other industries.

Of course, cars and electronic products are also used so much that many of the metal products in today’s hottest 5G servers are also produced by sheet metal and stamping. Sheet metal is mainly produced in small batches, and stamping can be produced in large quantities.

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Advantages of Sheet Metal Fabrication

1: The cost is lower and it is faster than CNC machining. For example, many housings in the audio industry were previously CNC machined, but now more are processed by sheet metal.

2: Can make all surface finishing, oxidation, electroplating, dusting, etc.

3: Parts with complex shapes can be processed, and less waste is generated during the production process.

4: The product has sufficient shape, dimensional accuracy, good interchangeability, and good surface quality.

5: Delivery within one week

 Applications For Sheet Metal Services

Audio Shell


Kitchen Equipment



Office equipment

Automotive Parts


How much do you know Sheet Metal Fabrication?

Sheet metal fabrication is a set of manufacturing processes used to turn sheet metal stock into functional parts. The sheet metal is usually between 0.006 and 0.25 inches (0.015 and 0.635 centimeters) thick.

Sheet metal refers to a processing technology, and its processing steps generally have the following types:

For general parts: blanking, punching, bending, trimming, blanking, cleaning, welding, surface treatment, etc. For complex parts: stretching, rotary cutting, punching, side cutting, blanking, cleaning, welding, surface treatment, etc.

Every industry has its industry terminology, and the sheet metal processing industry is no exception.

Riveting: refers to the process of first sinking the workpiece and then firmly pressing the riveting nut onto the workpiece by using a punch or hydraulic press. Pull nut:refers to the process of similar riveting. A process in which a connecting member such as a rivet nut (POP) is firmly attached to a workpiece by a puller.

There are several processes that fall under the umbrella of ‘sheet metal fabrication’. These include cutting, bending and punching, and can be used either in tandem or individually.

Sheet metal fabrication can be used to create either functional prototypes or end-use parts, but end-use sheet metal parts generally require a finishing process before they are ready for market.

Candy red transparent powder coating Edelweiss-3-Pre-Chassis aluminum parts

Candy red transparent powder coating Edelweiss-3-Pre-Chassis aluminum parts

Candy red coating is different for other coating , because this is transparent , and different thickness have a different color .

If you are also like this color , contact me , really very nice choose . sure , this is expensive more than other normal coating .

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