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At AIXI Hardware, our focus is on providing you with the finest services in rapid prototyping, rapid tooling and low-volume manufacturing. Our international team of engineers and technicians are dedicated to making your custom parts using the most advanced equipment and techniques including 3D metal printing, multi-axis CNC machining and plastic injection molding. We’re here to turn your ideas into reality quickly, accurately and at a great price.

Choosing AIXI

Our team believes that changing the world doesn’t mean that you have to find next big thing or do something big , it can be as simple as providing reliable quality or easy-to-reach customer service.

We are always making great efforts to guarantee a trouble-free procedure for each order, choosing us as your supplier will make you staying ahead of the competition in your market.

CNC Workshop CNC Machining

John Kino

Owner-Operator / CEO

My major is computer (software programmer) in university. But metal parts / hardware is my favorite still now,So i choose work in this industry (Precision Machining) after graduated. now,i created AIXI Hardware ,welcome email me [email protected]

Amy Cai

Amy Cai

CFO / Operator

has an advanced degree in finance management, and previously worked in Chengdu for GuoTeng Group, very famous software & economic company. Her hobbies are drawing and dancing ,Sweet and Cheerful, any inquiry, also can send [email protected]

Joe Luo

Joe Luo

Factory Manager

Joe Luo (Factory Manager), 12years hardware experience. cnc, 3D printing, metal sheet, Tooling, Injection… very professional. now, he mainly job is purchase and manage production.

Lily Liu

Lily Liu

Sales Manager

Lily have been working at AIXI for 2 years. From a freshly graduated beginner to now she is an expert in our industry, she can communicate with my customers without any gaps, and always been a leader, and her personality is very outgoing, so we everyone in the company likes her.

sam zhang

Sam Zhang

Metal Specialist

With more than 10 years of experience, the factory that has managed more than 100 people is very familiar with the machining process and the surface treatment. Currently, it is managed by AIXI and is a true good helper of AIXI.

Abby huang

Abby Huang


When I first came to AIXI, I didn’t know anything about hardware. From sales assistant to now, I have become a professional salesman, and I know a lot about customized processing services. We will do better.

Jimmy Xia

Jimmy Xia

QC Manager

I came to AIXI company after graduation from school, which is really a good team. We learn and share knowledge here. For our QC team, we need to make a precise test for each size, and give the test report and material report.

Chris Chen

Chris Chen

Sales Director

4years sales experience. she is very professional now ,and outgoing, she still develop markets in Europe and the United States , also make plans for the future of our company ,we will go far together.

Tom Xiong

Tom Xiong

Purchase Manager

For the purchase of raw materials and the management of outsourced products, we need to combine QC to continuously pursue good quality and competitive prices, which also brings the best quality and price to our customers, making them feel at ease to us.

Lucy He

Lucy He


At AIXI, we are all very active, so we communicate a lot about orders, which is really a great help for the interns who have just come into contact with this industry.

josph lee

Joseph Lee

Operation Website Manager

10years Google/social media experience. Previously, He did Google operation and promotion in a fortune 500 company. Now, he joined AIXI , we also will show a better website to everyone .


Who ?

If you are interested in us, please send your profile to us at [email protected], we are looking forward to your joining us.

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