Additive Manufacturing – Industrial 3D Printing

3D printing usually refers to a series of additive manufacturing services such as SLA, SLS, SLM, FDM, etc. We can make 3D printing of plastic and metal. For some hollow products and especially complex products, only 3D printing can be made. This is also a bigger advantage than CNC machining, and the price is relatively cheap, so it also saves a lot of cost in the production and testing of the prototype.

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slm 3dprinting page metal

Advantages of 3D Printing

1: Compared to mold and CNC machining, 3D printing is the cheapest way to make prototypes and small batch productions, because it is almost just the cost of a material.

2: Being able to make more complex and hollow products is one of the biggest advantages of 3D printing.

3: The processing time is very fast, and the error rate is very low. It is printed directly according to the 3D drawings designed by the customer. The mold and CNC need pre-programming, design inspection, production fixture and so on.

4: 3D printing does not waste the use of materials, how much material is used in the product, and how much material is used, and CNC machining requires a lot of waste.

3D Priting Material

3D printing materials are mainly divided into three categories: metal, non-metal and biological materials.

Metal materials mainly include: 316L stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, copper, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, cobalt-nickel alloy and other alloy metals.

Non-metallic materials mainly include: PLA, ABS, PA, TPU, photosensitive resin, carbon fiber, wood, PEKK, PEEK.

Biomaterials are mainly materials that use hydrogel as a substrate and mix various biological cells to grow themselves. In addition, artificial bones, artificial blood vessels, etc. are still in the experimental stage and are mainly used in animal experiments.

The most commonly used materials are photosensitive resin, PLA, ABS, PA, stainless steel and other materials.

Whats the 3D Printing?

3D printing is the accumulation of materials layer by layer by computer to form our products. Depending on the equipment, some machines mainly make plastic materials, while some equipment mainly produces metal materials.

Whether it is metal or plastic, they are formed by the accumulation of materials. They have the same technical commonality, and they can realize a kind of CNC machining that cannot be realized, such as hollow products and very complicated products.

Only 3D printing can be selected, and 3D printing equipment is also much smaller than CNC machines. This is also a very big advantage. At present, there are many products produced by 3D printing in the world, and will gradually become the mainstream of the processing industry.

And now , 3d printing in automotive industry use a lot of , for example , 3d printed car body parts .

3D Printing

How to Select 3D Printing Process ?

If you need help finding a 3D printing process that suits you, you can set up a consulting and planning phase with our team of additive manufacturing experts. You need to give us your design drawings, our production team will give advice on design and manufacturing, you can optimize the design through manufacturing experience, there is a difference between SLA, SLS, SLM, FDM printing, so We need to judge what printing method to use based on the design.

3D printing GZ-0001 split 2parts glue assembly

Project : 3D printing and painting , you can see this pictures .

1: design is 1set , this is whole parts design .

2: Because this is very big parts , so thinking shrink and precision questions , we always advice split 2parts or more , then use glue .

this is good idea to 3d printing , and always no any problems . if this parts need good surface , sure , make a painting is very good select .

3: this below pictures , we make by split , and you can see , this is success .

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