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If you are considering the development of dozens to hundreds of finished parts, small batch manufacturing is your first choice. It can save a lot of time and cost from prototype confirmation to mass production.

Many companies are reluctant to produce small batches of parts because repeated programming and debugging of machines takes a lot of time, requires programmers to have certain technical requirements, and requires the purchase of adapted inspection tools and custom fixtures. Therefore, most companies are only willing to produce batches, which only require one-time programming and can be produced for a long time without changing the program.

AIXI is a specialist in low-volume manufacturing. 80% of the staff in our factory have the ability to complete parts independently. Almost all have more than ten years of work experience and can easily read all the marks on the English drawings. If you are looking for a low volume manufacturing factory for your project, we are really your best choice.

Advantages of Low Volume Production

1. Compared with mass production, low volume production is more economical and can quickly put your products into the market, so that your products can receive feedback from users first.

2. Low volume manufacturing can avoid losing a lot of money and reduce risks.

3. Small quantity production enables rapid response to design changes.

4. Low production volume is also often used for the customized development of high-end products and is applied to the requests of a small number of customers.

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