Surface Finishing

Surface Finishing

Surface treatment is mainly to create a visual experience of the appearance of some products, whether it is oxidation, dusting, electroplating can make a very good surface, of course, there are some functional aspects, such as plating of steel materials, can prevent rust, If it is UV-resistant and powder-sprayed, it can be used outdoors to prevent color shedding. We use different techniques to improve the appearance, corrosion resistance, hardness, conductivity, adhesion and so on.

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Anodizing is mainly the oxidation of aluminum products-so that the products have more colors-Generally-the products processed by CNC are knives- so if you do a sandblasting work before oxidation-the surface effect will look even more-Have a texture- Usually anodizing is divided into ordinary oxidation and hard oxidation-depending on the customer’s need for hardness-choose different oxidation- and we also can make multi color anodizing aluminum (Gloss black anodized aluminum, Matt Anodized Aluminum, Semi-gloss anodized aluminum).

For cast products- it is generally not suitable to use oxidation- because there are some pores- but this problem can be solved by dusting- and it seems better to cover up the pores- Dusting can also be done in a lot of colors- According to the RAL color code- the production will be more precise- Each color is divided into matte and glossy surfaces- which can be customized according to customer’s needs.

For some high-quality aluminum products- mirror polishing + nickel plating is often used to increase his texture- For some steel products- galvanizing is also used to prevent rust- some door handles- etc– will be chrome-plated- Increase the brightness- (gold plating- silver plating is also used a lot on the ornament)- electroplating is widely used in the processing industry- if you need- please contact us.

Silk-Screen’s advantage can do coloful word according the Panton code. Accurate and permanent guarantee of traces.

Laser usually make the Logo more, but only can do white and black color for the logo or word.

Burr tool knife remove burr by hand, or make chamfer by machine.

Sanding & polishing is one of the most common finish for prototyping- Sanding is very basic process to remove cutting marks or the printing marks- in order to get smooth surface- Get ready for further finish such as sandblasted- painted- chromed- Started from rough sand paper- when you reach 2000 sand paper the part surface are smooth enough for high gloss polishing to obtain shiny surface or mirror look- transparent such as light guide- lens.

Spray paint for some 3D printing / silicone mold products- more use- so that the product has a higher surface- each color is also divided into matte and glossy.

The brush can remove the scratches on the surface and the knives made in the process- and the brush can make the product look more line-like and beautiful- It is made many products in the audio industry- mainly the front plate and the side plate- which are made according to the customer’s needs.

Sand usually comes in two types: glass beads and emery, glass beads usually used in aluminum material, and emery used in steel material.
about the sand size usually #80-#220. about the sand diamter as below:

#80 Sand diameter (250-300um)
#100 Sand diameter (180-250um)
#120 Sand diameter (150-180um)
#150 Sand diameter (125-150um)
#180 Sand diameter (100-125um)
#220 Sand diameter (70-100um)

PVD coating technology is a green and clean surface treatment technology—a layer of coating of hundreds of nanometers to tens of microns is prepared on the surface of the target workpiece by physical methods in high vacuum,which can provide specific surface strengthening requirements.

Heat treatment refers to a metal thermal processing process in which materials are heated, kept warm and cooled in a solid state to obtain the desired structure and properties. Mainly used to increase the hardness of metal.

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