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Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) is a colorless organic thermoplastic polymer and a high-performance specialty engineering plastic with excellent chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, mechanical strength and dimensional stability. PEEK parts can withstand a wide temperature range. It is a self-lubricating, easy-to-process hard plastic that can be made into various mechanical parts, such as automotive gears, oil screens, shifting start plates; aircraft engine parts, Automatic washing machine wheels, semiconductors, medical device parts, etc. PEEK CNC machining can process different types of PEEK, such as bearing grade PEEK, glass filled PEEK, to produce end products with desired properties.

What’s The Advantage CNC Machining PEEK Products ?

1. Excellent chemical resistance and water resistance

2. Low hygroscopicity

3. Abrasion resistance and abrasion resistance

4. Excellent resistance to gamma rays and X-rays

5. Some models are biocompatible (medical grade)

6. Resistant to biodegradation, highly resistant to thermal (unaffected by continuous hot water and steam exposure) degradation

7. High precision (tight tolerances)

8. Relatively high melting point allows faster feed and speed

9. A lightweight alternative to most metals

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PEEK Processing Technology

CNC machining, compression molding, injection molding, turning, extrusion, turning, centrifugal forming, milling, drilling, grinding, boring, stamping, pressing, threading, tamping, EDM cutting, hot melt welding, water cutting, walking wire, laser cutting, laser marking, surface treatment

Precautions for PEEK processing

1. Choose the right toolPEEK material has the characteristics of high temperature, high strength, high hardness, etc., so it is necessary to choose a suitable tool with wear resistance and high temperature resistance during processing. At the same time, pay attention to the cutting edge geometry and cutting angle of the tool to ensure processing efficiency and finished product quality.

2. Control processing parametersWhen processing PEEK toothed parts, it is necessary to control the processing parameters, including feed speed, speed, depth of cut, etc. Processing parameters that are too large or too small will affect processing efficiency and finished product quality. At the same time, it is necessary to clean the cutting area in time to prevent defects such as thermal cracks in the PEEK material during processing. 

3. Reasonably design the fixtureReasonable fixture design can ensure the machining accuracy and stability of toothed parts. In the processing of PEEK toothed parts, it is necessary to pay attention to the fixing strength and clamping method of the fixture on the part to avoid problems such as part deformation or displacement during processing.

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4. Keep the processing environment stablePEEK materials have high requirements on the environment, and it is necessary to keep the temperature, humidity and other parameters of the processing environment stable. At the same time, avoid problems such as static electricity during processing, and ensure processing quality and safety.

The processing of PEEK toothed parts needs to fully consider the characteristics of the material and the processing requirements, select the appropriate processing technology and equipment, and maintain the stability of the processing environment to ensure the quality and accuracy of the finished product.

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Main features of PEEK

1. Corrosion resistance, anti-aging

2. Anti-solubility

3. High temperature, high frequency and high voltage electrical performance conditions

4. Both toughness and rigidity

5. Dimensions require precision

6. Radiation resistance, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance

7. Light weight instead of metal for fiber optic components

8. Hydrolysis resistance, excellent properties can still be maintained under high temperature and high pressure

9. Good wear resistance, antistatic electrical insulation performance

10. Parts with high mechanical strength requirements

11. Low smoke and gas emission.

Application field of PEEK

1. Transportation machinery such as automobiles

2. IT manufacturing field

3. The field of office machinery parts

4. Wire covering field

5. PEEK sheet and rod and other fields

6. Fiber field

7. Medical analysis equipment field

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