Case Studies

From design idea concept to a prototype, a product requires a lot of processing. At AIXI Hardware, we will accurately record every step and processing detail and make a record. If there is a final error, we can find out the cause and correct it. , then archive, and will give new people to learn to avoid the same mistakes in the future.

We will give you a complete product description of some classic cases and some products independently developed by AIXI Hardware. If you want to learn a detailed description of your products, please contact us.

CNC milling 7075 aluminum

Kupplungsgehaeuse-polygon cnc turning and milling machining aluminum parts

Product Name :Kupplungsgehaeuse-polygon

Material: AL7075-T6

Processing: CNC machining ,Sand blasting , Blue anodized

Lead Time: 7days

Quantity: 60pcs

Headphone PA12 plastic

Headphone PA12 plastic bracket injections molding

For this headphone bracket , we make them by 3d printing still now 2019 years , because there’s more and more demand now , so we must to do by injections , this is good idea to reduce this cost . but these have some questions during deisgn Tool.

Questions : 1 because this UNDERCUT problem , we cant take out of this mold , so we need to change this angle to the outside .

Like below picture :

Custom Plastic ABS Nylon Parts SLA SLS 3d Printing

3D printing GZ-0001 split 2parts glue assembly

Project : 3D printing and painting , you can see this pictures .

1: design is 1set , this is whole parts design .

2: Because this is very big parts , so thinking shrink and precision questions , we always advice split 2parts or more , then use glue . this is good idea to 3d printing , and always no any problems . if this parts need good surface , sure , make a painting is very good select .

Candy red transparent powder surface treatment

Candy red transparent powder coating Edelweiss-3-Pre-Chassis aluminum parts

Candy red coating is different for other coating , because this is transparent , and different thickness have a different color .

If you are also like this color , welcome contact me , really very nice choose . sure , this is expensive more than other normal coating .

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