The reason why CNC precision machining is called precision machining is that its processing procedures and processing requirements are very high, and the precision requirements of products are also very high, and the machining accuracy of precision parts includes: position accuracy, dimensional accuracy, style accuracy, etc., The components that affect the precision of precision parts are summarized as follows:

1: When the workpiece is in the process of CNC precision machining and cutting, the system will be deformed due to the change of the position of the force point, which will lead to differences, and will also cause different degrees of deviation in processing. The feed system of CNC machine tools is generally composed of machine transmission system and electrical control system. In the overall decision-making, the accuracy level is related to the machine transmission system.

2: The influence of CNC machining position deviation on machining accuracy. Position deviation refers to the degree of transformation or deviation of the fine upper layer, middle line or symmetrical face of the machined part relative to its ideal position, such as flatness, symmetry Degree, symmetry, etc., the position deviation in CNC machine tool processing generally refers to the overcurrent protection deviation. In order to better guarantee the precision of CNC precision machining,Separating the machine parts of primary machining and deep machining, how to connect and process rough machine parts and fine machine parts, due to the re-distribution of ground stress, the precision of the parts after deep machining will be quickly lost.

3: Placement of measuring utensils. During processing, avoid the collision of measuring utensils. Due to the material, measuring utensils are easy to be damaged, so they must be handled with care and cannot be placed at will. Place them in specific areas as required.

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