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Quality control is the most important part of the precision machining industry. The company’s quality personnel will be strictly required to be 100% correct before leaving China.

CNC Machining Inspection Dimensions QC Reports

inspection watermark

For AIXI Hardware , we will offer inspection diamensions reports to customer confirm before shipment , if everthings is ok , then we will arrange shipment , ensure quality 100% correct before left China . If you also have CNC machining products request, dont heasite to contact us, you can get a compettive price ,…

Precision mechanical parts in the process of high precision measurement

QC ofice

In our product design process, sample run of precision machined parts is limited by some of the most rigorous inspection procedures. The test method we use proves to the customer that the part meets the specified tolerances and is free from defects. From magnetic particle inspection to laser scanning, we ensure that each new product…

Talk the surface treatment

1: anodizing In order to enrich the color of the product, we can usually make some oxidation treatment. The oxidation treatment can make all the colors except white. The oxidation treatment is done for the aluminum alloy. If it is other materials, it can’t make anodization. Steel material, you can choose plating, etc. anodized aluminum,…