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Casting is a process in which a liquid or semi-solid metal or alloy, or a liquid metal or alloy containing a reinforcement phase, is filled into the cavity of the die-casting mold at high speed under high pressure, and the metal or alloy is under pressure A casting method that solidifies to form a casting.

The commonly used pressure during die casting is 4 ~ 500MPa, and the metal filling speed is 0.5-120m / s. Therefore, high pressure and high speed are the fundamental difference between the die casting method and other casting methods, and are also important features.

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Advantages of die casting

1: Various castings with complex shapes can be cast, such as box, frame, bed, cylinder block, etc.

2: The size and quality of castings are almost unlimited, castings as small as a few millimeters, a few grams, as large as a dozen meters, and hundreds of tons can be cast.

3: Any metal and alloy castings can be cast.

4: The casting production equipment is simple, the investment is small, and the raw materials for casting are widely available, so the casting cost is low.

5: The shape and size of the casting are close to the parts, so the workload of cutting processing is reduced, and a lot of metal materials can be saved.

Classification of die casting

1 Ordinary sand casting, using sand as a mold material, also known as sand casting, sand turning, including three types of wet sand, dry sand and chemically hardened sand, but not all sand can be used for casting. The advantage is that the cost is lower, because the sand used in the mold can be reused; the disadvantage is that the mold is time-consuming, the mold itself cannot be reused, and it must be destroyed to obtain the finished product.

1.1 Sand mold (core) casting method: wet mold sand, resin self-hardening sand mold, water glass sand mold, dry and surface dry mold, solid mold casting, negative pressure molding.
1.2 Sand core manufacturing method: It is selected according to the sand core size, shape, production batch and specific production conditions. In production, it can be divided into manual core making and machine core making.

2 Special castings can be divided into special castings with natural mineral sandstone as the main modeling materials (such as investment casting, mud casting, shell casting, negative pressure casting, solid casting, ceramic casting, etc.) And special casting with metal as the main mold material (such as metal mold casting, pressure casting, continuous casting, low pressure casting, centrifugal casting, etc.).

2.1 Metal mold casting method
Use a metal with a higher melting point than the raw material to make a mold. Among them are subdivided into gravity casting method, low pressure casting method and high pressure casting method.
Limited by the melting point of the mold, the metals that can be cast are also limited.
2.2 Dewaxing casting method
This method can be an outer film casting method and a solid casting method.

Die Casting Terminology

1.基本术语 Basic terminology

铸造 foundry, founding, casting

铸造工艺 foundry technology

铸件 casting

砂型铸造 sand casting process

特种铸造 special casting process

2. 合金性能 Alloy properties

流动性 fluidity

充型能力 mold-filling capacity

Die Casting Material

3. 铸造用材料 Die Casting Material

3.1. 金属原材料 metallic raw material

金属原材料 metallic raw material

生铁 pig iron

铁合金 ferro-alloy

回炉料 foundry returns

中间合金 master alloy

3.2. 燃料 fuel

铸造焦炭 foundry coke

Melting Processing Equipment

5. 熔炼工艺及设备 Melting Processing Equipment

5.1. 熔炼基本术语 Basic smelting terms

熔化(熔炼) melting

重熔 remelting

炉料 charge

熔化率 melting rate

炉料计算 charge calculation

双联熔炼 duplexing

元素烧损(元素烧损率) melting losses of various chemical elements

熔炼损耗(烧损) total melting loss

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