High Precision CNC Milling Services – Milled Machining Parts Manufacturer

We offered customers with tens of thousands of CNC customized parts, and any types product we have experience to do it, plastic or metal, easy or difficult design, we have precision three four five axis machine to machining it, Therefore, we can help customers get parts more economically, because we machining in ourself factory, so we can control the time to deliver the products that customers want quickly.

Steps for CNC machining

1: Design CAD model—from customers

2: Convert CAD models into CNC programs

3: Setting up a CNC milling machine

4: Performing milling operations

CNC Workshop CNC Machining

CNC Milling Capabilities & AIXI Specialty Services

We has the ability to undertake large milling and lathe products, and always provide high quality with economic, we have more than 30 machine, include 3-4-5 axis and lathe machine.

CNC custom aluminum parts

Cost Efficient

Because of our rich experience and good programming ability, our engineers can always optimize the program to process multiple products at a time, so we can reduce CNC processing time and help customers save costs

High Quality

We have a complete inspection tool to ensure the size according to the drawing.

Caliper, Projector, Height Gauge, Surface Tester, Pin Gauge, CMM, Micrometer, Thread Gauge, Hardness testing device.

Customized Box and Finishes

According to the size of the product, we can customize the appropriate packaging to ensure that the product is safe during transportation. And we can customize various types of surface treatment for customers’ products, such as oxidation, powder coating, electroplating, and more.

Any industrial design or manufacturing questions, we've got it all solutions for you.