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AIXI is a leading CNC milling manufacturer that provides custom CNC milling, OEM CNC milling, and CNC milling services. Our CNC milling factory is equipped with advanced equipment and technology to meet various complex processing needs. As a CNC milling supplier, we are committed to providing customers with high-quality, reliable, and efficient solutions to help improve your production process and product quality. Whether you need CNC milling parts or a complete CNC milling solution, AIXI is your best choice. We have provided tens of thousands of CNC milling parts to our customers. Whether plastic or metal or a simple or difficult design, we have precision 3, 4, and 5-axis machines to process your custom parts. We process our products in our factory, so we can control the time and quickly deliver our customers’ desired products.

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Types Of CNC Milling Service

CNC milling is divided into 3-axis milling, 4-axis milling, and 5-axis milling. We choose the appropriate CNC machine for processing according to the complexity of the custom part.

CNC 3 Axis Milling

A simple rectangular part requires only a 3-axis machine to complete the processing. 3-axis milling has the advantages of high precision, automation and high efficiency. Usually, we only need to make a fixture to fix the X and Y axes and use the Z axis to change the type of tool to perform surface drilling and thread-making operations.

CNC 4 Axis Milling

In addition to the traditional X, Y, and Z axes, CNC 4-axis milling adds a fourth rotation axis (usually around the X or Y axis), which makes processing more flexible and precise. It allows multiple surfaces to be molded in a single pass, reducing the time for disassembly and assembly of tools and multiple machine adjustments.

CNC 5 Axis Milling

If it involves complex heterogeneous products, it is necessary to rotate the X, Y, and Z axes at the same time, as well as add an additional tilt axis. All operating planes can be switched at any angle according to the product’s design. It is often used in high-precision and complex products such as aerospace, medical equipment, etc.

Custom CNC Milling Machining Materials

Aluminum Alloy Stainless Steel Steel Alloy Brass Copper Plastic Titanium
AL 2024-T3 SS 301 4340 Steel CuZn5 series Copper C110 POM Acetal (Delrin) Titanium Grade 2-5
AL 5052 SS 303 4140 Steel Brass C260 Copper 101 ABS Titanium (6Al-4V)
AL 5083 SS 304/304L Low Carbon Brass C360 PA (Nylon 6&12) PA+GF
AL 5754 SS 316/316L Steel A36 CuZn32Pb1 series PEEK
AL 6060-T6 SS 416 42CrMo4 Tin-Bronze Zedex
AL 6061-T6 SS 420 1045 Steel Beryllium-Bronze PTFE (Teflon)
AL 6063-T5 1.4301/1.4307 1020 Steel Phosphor bronze PE/PE-HD
AL 6082 1.4305 ST-52 Steel G-10 Garolite
AL 7050-T7451 1.4401/1.4404 1.0037 PEI
AL 7075-T6 1.4462 S355J2 PPSU
SS 15-5 PH S235JR PMMA
SS 17-4 PH PVC
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Surface Finishing For CNC Milling Machining Parts

Finishing Detail
Machined Normal CNC finishing can achieve Ra3.2 to 1.6 surface roughness
Polishing Polishing can achieve Ra0.8 to Ra0.4, Mirror polishing is possible
Passivation Removes rust and forms a dense film to prevent surface corrosion
Anodized The process of forming an oxide film on aluminum products (anode), Type II (Ordinary oxidation) or Type III (anodizing hard 35-50um)
Blasting Under high pressure, finely divided glass beads are used to hit the surface to remove burrs and slight scratches, making the surface more consistent.
Brushing/Hair Line Brushing is the process of forming lines on the surface of a workpiece by grinding the product
Chromate Coating (Zinc/Nickel/Chrome) Prevent parts from corrosion and increase surface strength
Powder Coating Powder spraying is in the form of powder, which is adsorbed on the surface of the product through high temperature and plays a decorative and functional role.
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The process of CNC milling Services

The process of CNC milling design


At AIXI, our team of engineers will make detailed designs based on our customers’ specific needs. We use computer software to create CAD models and obtain PDF, STP, XT, and other files, which are usually provided by customers. This step is important in providing high-quality custom CNC milling services.

The process of CNC milling Programming


Once the design is complete, we move on to the programming phase. Using CAM software, our technicians generate precise machining codes in preparation for the CNC milling process. We can simulate the tool’s machining path during this process and optimize machining time.

The process of CNC milling Machine adjustment

Machine adjustment

After programming is completed, our operators will make the necessary adjustments and settings for the CNC machine. This includes installing cutters, positioning fixtures, and calibrating the machine. This step is key to ensuring the accuracy and efficiency of our CNC milling manufacturing.

The process of CNC milling Machining


Finally, the actual machining phase takes place. During this phase, our CNC milling equipment precisely cuts and shapes the material according to the programmed instructions. Our state-of-the-art CNC milling facility and strict quality control processes ensure that every part is of the highest standard.

Advantages of CNC Milling Services

Compared with 3D printing, sheet metal, forging, and casting, the most significant advantage of using CNC milling is that it can provide higher precision for custom parts. Some milling steps can take dozens of minutes, so you can get a product that meets the specifications without the constant attention of technicians. High-precision dimensions are also associated with CNC milling machine equipment. Some top machine brands can achieve a tolerance ±0.002, such as DMG Mori, Makino, Starrag, Mazak, HAAS, Brother, etc.

CNC machining services can provide higher speed and efficiency. Even if the operator writes a program once, automatic transmission axes can produce a large number of products. In addition to producing batch parts, CNC machines can provide customers with a single custom CNC milling part with strong scalability.

CNC machines can process almost all materials, such as metals, plastics, composites, wood products, foam, rubber, etc. Different materials, due to their different hardness, tensile strength, and elongation, will be equipped with appropriate processing tools to complete.

During CNC milling manufacturing, everything is set up, and the machine door is closed. Since the machine tool and personnel are independent, operators will be safer than other processing methods.

CNC milling is an efficient, precise, and economical processing method. Compared with traditional manual processing methods, it can use less raw materials.

Advantages of CNC Milling Services

Applications of CNC Milling Parts and Services

AIXI is a CNC milling parts manufacturer with more than ten years of rich experience in CNC milling parts processing. We provide high-precision prototype CNC milling parts and large-scale custom CNC milling manufacturing and processing services. As one of the leading CNC milling companies in China, AIXI has provided tens of thousands of parts for many industries, such as medical devices, aerospace, automobiles, motorcycles, the lighting industry, robotics and automation industry, educational prototypes, energy industry, industrial equipment, etc. Therefore, it can be seen that CNC milling processing is widely used and is the most essential part of the manufacturing industry.

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Applications of CNC Milling Parts and Services

Why Choose AIXI CNC Milling Manufacturer for CNC Milling Capabilities &  Specialty Services

AIXI CNC can undertake large milling and lathe production and always provides high-quality CNC milling manufacturing services economically. As a large CNC milling manufacturer, we have over 30 machines, including 3-4-5 axis and lathes.

CNC custom aluminum parts
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Cost Efficient

Due to our rich experience and good programming ability, our engineers are always able to optimize the program to process multiple products at a time, so we can reduce CNC milling processing time and help customers save costs.

High Quality

We have complete inspection tools to ensure the custom parts meet the drawings.

Caliper, projector, height gauge, surface tester, pin gauge, coordinate measuring machine, micrometer, thread gauge, hardness tester.

Customized Box and Finishes

Depending on the size of the custom CNC milling parts, we can customize the appropriate packaging to ensure the product’s safety during transportation. We can also customize various types of surface treatment for customers’ products, such as oxidation, powder coating, electroplating, etc.

FAQs about China CNC Milling Maufacturer – AIXI

In simple terms, CNC milling is a process of removing material by controlling a rotating tool with a computer to execute code. Initially, CNC milling was done manually on milling machines, but the processing efficiency was slow, and the accuracy was poor. With technology’s continuous development, programs are now written on computers and then processed by automated equipment.

How Does it Work?
Fix the raw material on the CNC workbench, move the XYZ axis, or more five axis, cut the product, and finally get the desired finished parts.

AIXI CNC Milling Company has 40 CNC milling machines, more than a dozen CNC programming experts, and machine operators. We manufacture thousands of different types of CNC milling custom parts every month. As one of China’s best CNC milling manufacturers, AIXI CNC has long had a high quality and good reputation. We also have several partners who can collaborate on processing. We specialize in providing customers with tens of thousands of prototype processing and high-volume production services.

Custom CNC milling can process products of various complex shapes. The processing can be completed as long as the tool can contact the product.
1: It can process planes, curved surfaces, and spherical surfaces.
2: CNC milling can process gears, including common straight gears, helical gears, and bevel gears.
3: It can mill long holes and ensure precise tolerances.
4: It can process trapezoidal threads, double-thread threads, precision threads, etc.

Yes, as one of the professional CNC milling companies, AIXI CNC can provide EDM machining and turning machining services, as well as services such as 3-axis, 5-axis, and sheet metal.

FAQs about China CNC Milling Maufacturer - AIXI

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