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stamping can be produced in large quantities, so will have a big cost reduce if mass productions, our company can offer stamping machining services.

Introduction of metal stamping shrapnel

The copper parts in the general household socket can ensure the smooth current and reduce the heat-hazard components. Thick copper sheet, improve current passing ability, reduce the resistance of copper parts; anti-oxidation, no rust, reduce the increase of resistance due to rust and heat generation; less riveting, preferably a whole piece of copper, further reduce…

What will happen to the market sales of aluminum shell molds

The material of the aluminum shell is an aluminum alloy material, which becomes a shell through manufacturing processing. This device is widely used in society, and it is also involved in the industry. It is mainly used as a shell for good protection, or for panels, brackets, etc. The protection effect of the aluminum shell…

Features and applications of stamping

Features and applications of stamping Stamping production is completed by molds and presses. Compared with other processing methods, it has the following characteristics in technical and economic aspects: (1) The dimensional accuracy of the stamping parts comes from the mold and has the same characteristics, so the quality is stable and the interchangeability is good….

What is the difference between sheet metal processing and stamping processing?

For those who are new to sheet metal processing, the vast majority of people confuse the concepts of sheet metal processing and stamping. Although these two have many similarities, there are still certain differences. First of all, conceptually, sheet metal processing refers to the processing of metal plates, that is, the use of plates to…