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Excellent Products

Metal material machining

Aluminum Parts

CNC turning aluminum parts & CNC milling aluminum parts & Stamping/Sheet Metal aluminum parts & Die casting aluminum parts

Brass & Copper Parts

CNC turning brass/copper parts & CNC milling brass/copper parts & Stamping/Sheet metal brass/copper parts & Die casting brass/copper parts

Steel Parts

CNC turning steel parts & CNC milling steel parts & Stamping/Sheet Metal steel parts & Die casting steel parts

Stainless Steel Parts

CNC turning stainless steel parts & CNC milling stainless steel parts & Stamping/Sheet metal stainless steel parts & Die casting stainless steel parts & 3D printing stainless steel parts

Titanium Parts

CNC turning titanium parts & CNC milling titanium parts & 3D printing titanium parts

Magnesium Alloy Parts

CNC turning magnesium alloy parts & CNC milling magnesium alloy parts & Die casting magnesium alloy parts

Plastic composite material machining


Standard Parts

Screw  Washer  Rivet & Pin

Special machining

Gear   Spring

Excellent Services

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Rapid Prototyping

Excellent cnc processing services, high-precision product testing methods, fast 3D printing and vacuum casting, will be a fast test for your design

Colour Anodized Aluminum

CNC Machining

High precision tolerance , Wing shaped products, Coaxiality ,repeatable, and scalable, our CNC machining services are economical . Visit Aixi Rapid to learn more.

Customized bathroom shower curtain 3d printed

3D Printing

In the rapid prototyping process, 3D printed plastic or metal (SLA, SLS, SLM, FDM) is always relatively cheap, and the delivery time is generally about 2 days.

vacuum casting red

Vacuum Casting & Silicone Molding

For silicone molding, we usually use 3D printing to make a prototype, and then use this prototype to make a silicone mold. The mold can be laminated to produce the same product.

Headphone inejction black PA

Plastic Injection Tooling

Injection molding is only the processing of plastic products. If it is the production of prototypes, 3D printing and silicone molding are selected, but it will be used for mass production.

Experienced oem manufacturer facbrication metal parts custom

Sheet Metal Prototyping

Sheet metal processing has been very popular in recent years, because the heat of the audio industry has been rising, and many metal products on the audio require sheet metal processing.

Stamping machining

Stamping Molding

Gaskets, brackets, housings, server shrapnels, car steering wheel support parts, etc. all use stamping. The difference between stamping and injection molding is that stamping is used for metal products.

Custom profile extrusion die plastic

Aluminum & Plastic Extrusion

At AIXI, we have solid partners for short run custom aluminum extrusions & short run plastic extrusion services. They take good care of our projects, both in quality and lead times.

Motorcycle parts black oxidized

Surface Finishing

Surface treatment is mainly to create a visual experience of the appearance of some products, whether it is oxidation, dusting, electroplating can make a very good surface,Aixi Rapid will offer all finishing .waiting for your contact .

Part accuracy inspection

Quality Inspection

We are very professional in understanding tolerances and drawings. For all size inspections, we will record and archive and learn new knowledge from time to time. Quality control is the most important part of the precision machining industry. The company’s quality personnel will be strictly required to be 100% correct before leaving China.

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