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For Some Functional parts and have a big quantity request ,use die casting do it will good choice .

Analysis and Explanation of Porosity in Aluminum Alloy Castings

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Because aluminum alloys have a severe tendency to oxidize and inhale, they are directly in contact with furnace gas or the outside atmosphere during the smelting process. Therefore, if the control is slightly improper during the smelting process, the aluminum alloy can easily absorb gas and form pores, the most common It is a pinhole….

Causes and solutions of pores in aluminum alloy castings

In the production process of aluminum alloy castings, stomata defects often occur due to improper operation or unskilled processes. Once the blowhole appears, it will often cause the casting to be scrapped due to quality problems and increase production costs. However, there are many reasons for the blowhole defects in aluminum alloy castings. Many companies…

What is the difference between aluminum alloy casting and die-casting aluminum alloy?

Aluminum casting is divided into aluminum alloy casting and high-pressure casting in general. It is often said that die casting refers to high-pressure die casting, which uses a die-casting machine to compact the molten aluminum alloy profile in a high-speed mold and rapidly cool it under high pressure. And usually casting is divided into sand…

Aluminum alloy gravity casting process structure and performance advantages

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In the process of aluminum alloy gravity casting, as the shape of its castings is different, the casting molds of its products are also different. Even if it is the same part, the mold form is often different with different casting processes, but in any case Aluminum alloy gravity casting molds still have their commonalities….

What will happen to the market sales of aluminum shell molds

The material of the aluminum shell is an aluminum alloy material, which becomes a shell through manufacturing processing. This device is widely used in society, and it is also involved in the industry. It is mainly used as a shell for good protection, or for panels, brackets, etc. The protection effect of the aluminum shell…

Three principles selecting materials for low-pressure casting molds

Mold material selection is a very important part of the entire mold making process. The selection of materials for the mold needs to meet three principles. The mold should meet the work requirements of wear resistance and toughness. The mold should meet the process requirements. At the same time, the mold should meet the economic…

Aluminum casting applied to the industry

Aluminum castings are used in detail, construction, hardware, equipment, engineering machinery and other large machinery, machine tools, ships, aerospace, cars, locomotives, electronics, computers, electrical appliances, lamps and other occupations, many of them are ordinary people touching all day, but not Understand the metal objects. Common problems with aluminum castings: 1. The shortcomings of cast aluminum…