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What are the properties of aluminum anodized film?

Anodised aluminium

Aluminum oxidation treatment is a processing technology that many aluminum products will choose. It can make the aluminum surface obtain a high-quality protective film and have certain decorative properties. What are the characteristics of aluminum anodized film? 1. High strength The strength of pure aluminum anodic oxide film is higher than that of aluminum alloy…

What is the difference between aluminum oxidation process and electroplating process?

Electroplating surface treatment

With the help of oxidation treatment, metal materials can be given a bright appearance, excellent corrosion resistance, wear resistance, insulation and other characteristics, and then achieve various design requirements. At this stage, the most common application is the oxidation treatment of aluminum alloys. Considering that the oxide film of aluminum has a fine structure, good…

What is the difference between aluminum anodizing and conductive oxidation?

Anodised aluminium

Under the corresponding processing technology standards, aluminum parts will form an oxide film on the surface of aluminum parts due to the influence of external current. In order to get rid of the defects of low surface strength and durability of aluminum products, increase the scope of use and increase the service life, the metal…