Under the corresponding processing technology standards, aluminum parts will form an oxide film on the surface of aluminum parts due to the influence of external current. In order to get rid of the defects of low surface strength and durability of aluminum products, increase the scope of use and increase the service life, the metal surface treatment process has become an indispensable link in the application of aluminum parts, and anodizing is currently regarded as a relatively complete and excellent one. class craft.

Aluminum anodization is carried out under the condition of conductive high voltage; while conductive oxidation does not need to be conductive, it can be immersed in a chemical, which is actually a chemical reaction.

Aluminum anodizing takes a long time, usually half an hour; conductive oxidation only takes half a minute.

The film formed by aluminum anodic oxidation is usually 1 μm to tens of μm, which is relatively hard and durable; while the film formed by conductive oxidation is only 0.01-0.15 μm and has poor wear resistance, but it is not only conductive but also resistant to atmospheric corrosion.

Generally, the oxide film itself is not conductive, but because the oxide film formed by conductive oxidation is too thin, it has conductivity.

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