Aluminum oxidation treatment is a processing technology that many aluminum products will choose. It can make the aluminum surface obtain a high-quality protective film and have certain decorative properties. What are the characteristics of aluminum anodized film?

1. High strength

The strength of pure aluminum anodic oxide film is higher than that of aluminum alloy oxide film. Generally speaking, its strength is related to the metal material composition of aluminum and the process standard of the electrolyte during anodizing treatment. The anodized film not only has high strength, but also has good abrasion resistance. In particular, the oxide film of the surface porous structure has the function of absorbing the lubricating liquid, and can also deeply improve the wear resistance of the surface layer.

2. High corrosion resistance

Because the anodized film has good chemical reliability. After scientific research, it has been found that the anodized film of aluminum has better corrosion resistance than that of aluminum alloy. This is because the metal material is mixed or the resulting metal compound cannot be oxidized, resulting in a gap between the anodic oxide films, which greatly reduces the corrosion resistance of the oxide film. Therefore, the aluminum oxide film usually needs to be closed to improve its corrosion resistance.

3, Has a strong absorption capacity

The anodized film of aluminum is a porous structure, which has strong absorption properties. Therefore, adding various dyes, lubricating fluids, resin materials, etc. into the pores can greatly improve the protection, insulation, anti-wear and ornamental properties of aluminum products.

4. Good insulation performance

The oxide film formed by anodic oxidation of aluminum no longer has the conductive properties of metal materials, but becomes an excellent insulating material.

5. High temperature resistance

Since the heat transfer performance of the anodized film is far inferior to that of aluminum, the anodized film can usually work normally at a high temperature of 1500 °C, while pure aluminum can only work at a temperature of 660 °C.

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