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Factors affecting the surface quality of metal cutting machining and improvement measures

CNC machining of aluminum parts

It is of great significance to correctly understand the connotation of the surface quality of parts, analyze various technological factors that affect the quality of the processed surface during the machining process, and improve the surface quality and product performance. The surface quality of mechanical processing refers to the micro unevenness of the processed surface…

Special-shaped sheet metal processing will be applied to various fields

Sheet metal machinin

Special-shaped sheet metal processing also has a high appearance rate among manufacturers of mechanical equipment. Since 2005, the development momentum of the sheet metal industry has been very rapid, and the position and weight in the market are becoming more and more important, not only to our company. In addition to the huge economic benefits,…

What technical parameters should be understood when choosing Shenzhen stamping machine equipment ?

Stamping mold factory

Shenzhen stamping machine selection specifications in the selection of stamping type, must also determine the equipment specifications, mold design work. The selection of the best-selling Shenzhen stamping machine is also determined according to the technical plan and calculation results, coordination of the mold number, and equipment parameters. Of course, there are still many people who…

What are the mechanical problems of unstable CNC machining in Shenzhen ?

CNC machining magnesium

1. Poor surface finish of the workpiece The cause of this phenomenon is mostly the damage of the tool tip and the lack of sharpness; the instability of the machine tool or the occurrence of resonance and crawling; the imperfect processing technology. You can change or sharpen the tool, and re-cut the tool; adjust the…

What is the purpose of CNC machining simulation in Shenzhen ?

The importance and advantage of milling compound

In order to ensure the correctness of the CNC machining process, it is a very important link to verify the processing procedure before CNC machining. At present, the development of computer simulation technology makes the technology to verify the CNC machining process in the computer environment widely used in actual production. The simulation method can…

Special process for spray coating application

The special process of spray coating application uses a special process to form a 0.5–1mm thick coating on the surface of the equipment. The coating has the following characteristics: 1. The coating and metal sound have extremely high binding force: the external force can not be removed basically, which solves the defect that the traditional…

Analysis and Explanation of Porosity in Aluminum Alloy Castings

Metal stamping die manufacturing

Because aluminum alloys have a severe tendency to oxidize and inhale, they are directly in contact with furnace gas or the outside atmosphere during the smelting process. Therefore, if the control is slightly improper during the smelting process, the aluminum alloy can easily absorb gas and form pores, the most common It is a pinhole….

Suggestions related to precision mold injection and maintenance

Injection tooling high quality

Compared with other molds, injection molds have a more complex and precise structure, and have higher requirements for operation and maintenance of products. Therefore, in the entire production process, the use of positive solutions and careful maintenance and maintenance are very important to maintain the normal production of the enterprise and improve the efficiency of…

Basic knowledge of metal materials

CNC POM machining

Metallic materials refer to the general name of metallic elements or materials with metallic characteristics mainly composed of metallic elements. Including pure metals, alloys, metal materials, intermetallic compounds and special metal materials. (Note: Metal oxides (such as alumina) are not metal materials)     1. Meaning The development of human civilization and the progress of…

Selection of processing precision instruments

Precision Micro Machining Service Shanghai Supplier Customized

Fine parts processed from stainless steel have the advantages of corrosion resistance, long service life, and good mechanical and dimensional stability. Austenitic stainless steel fine parts have been widely used in medical, instrumentation and other fine machinery fields, but austenitic stainless steel data It has high strength, high plasticity and poor cutting performance, which is…