CNC precision machining can manufacture a variety of complex parts with high precision. Machines and tools that can be mastered through CNC machining include lathes, grinders, and mills.

CNC or computer numerical control allows extremely specific control over the positioning, speed, blending, feed rate and other precision aspects of the manufacturing process for a particular part or tool.

1. After turning on the power supply of the machining center, check whether the switch button and guide light are normal when logging in.
2. Before the formal processing, configure the coordinates of the machining center to back.
3. In order to simplify the positioning and placement of the CNC machining center, there is no positioning surface with a comparative machining origin and precise coordinate dimensions.
4. When placing the workpiece, please ensure that the workpiece is placed firmly, but also be careful not to be too tight, otherwise the positioning accuracy will be reduced.
5. During the placement process, ensure that the stroke of the workpiece is within the stroke limit of the spindle.

We have been following these processing steps closely, ensure lower errors. delivery products to customer in time.

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