For the sheet metal processing industry, it is no longer the time for an enterprise to work on its own, because the mechanical processing industry is an ancient industry, and the mechanical processing industry has developed since a long time ago, and sheet metal processing is in the sheet metal processing industry. After the emergence of gold materials, mechanical processing services appear slowly, so if sheet metal processing wants to achieve rapid development, it is necessary to understand and analyze the current status of sheet metal processing.

The gradual formation and development of the sheet metal processing industry has greatly accelerated the development of the manufacturing industry. The sheet metal processing and distribution model breaks the traditional logistics of simple procurement and transportation, and introduces the concept of processing and distribution. Such concepts and ideas broaden the horizon and accelerate the integration of traditional machinery manufacturing and technology. At present, the development of foreign processing and distribution models has been very mature. It uses integrated raw material procurement-cutting (punching) blanking-bending forming-welding (assembly)-grinding-spraying-packaging-distribution integrated services. The emergence of sheet metal processing enterprises eliminates the complicated procedures for manufacturing enterprises to purchase raw materials and transportation, and saves a lot of customers’ manpower, material resources, and energy. For customers who are preparing for processing equipment purchased by themselves, they save investment in building factories, purchasing equipment, The recruitment of large amounts of internal resources such as recruiting staff, setting up inventory, and managing materials, and the expansion of domestic demand after the 15th Congress have provided a good opportunity for the sheet metal processing industry and a broad market prospect for the development of the sheet metal processing industry.
Secondly, the prospect analysis of sheet metal processing.

Generally speaking, the future development trend of China’s sheet metal industry is good. Due to the overall development of the manufacturing industry, China’s sheet metal industry is developing rapidly. The industry prospects are optimistic. According to a document, the annual growth rate of the domestic sheet metal industry is 11-15%, much higher than other manufacturing industries, and the sheet metal processing market occupies an important share in the national sheet metal processing market. Considering that the prospect of the sheet metal processing market is equally good, so everyone can rest assured of investment and development.

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