Sheet metal processing has always been an important part of the metal manufacturing industry. With the rapid development of China’s economy in recent years, China’s sheet metal processing industry is also booming. However, compared with foreign sheet metal processing models, due to the late start of sheet metal processing in China, there are still certain technologies. Sheet metal processing automation will be the main trend of the future sheet metal processing mode.

Because sheet metal manufacturing involves all aspects of the manufacturing industry, it can be described as a wide range, so the sheet metal processing modes adopted by different companies are also different. However, compared with the highly automated and informational sheet metal processing mode abroad, China The sheet metal processing mode and technology are still very backward.

According to preliminary understanding, the currently developed western sheet metal processing mode mainly adopts closed-loop controlled automated production. This automated production technology is more convenient for the operation and maintenance of the entire production line, and greatly improves the safety and reliability of the entire production line In fact, the information management technology has strengthened the management of sheet metal processing and manufacturing. At present, many developed countries in the United States, including Asia and Japan, are using this model in their sheet metal processing.

“With China’s opening up to the outside world, the sheet metal processing industry is bound to conform to the development trend of the international market, and the transformation of processing technology is bound to be obtained. The automated production model has been verified by the developed Western countries as a scientific and reliable processing model. Automated production will definitely become the main mode of sheet metal processing in China in the future. ”

In recent years, China’s hardware manufacturing industry is booming, and sheet metal processing has also gained unprecedented opportunities for development. In order to promote the further development of China’s sheet metal processing industry and achieve integration with the international market, the introduction of foreign production technology is an inevitable way.

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