Now the common equipment in industrial production and processing has been favored by merchants in different fields and industries. The overall performance is very excellent. After several years of improvement and improvement, the production and processing efficiency has also been improved, and the equipment structure has been improved. Simplified, suitable for use in more fields. So how does such a device perform daily management of the lathe-milling machine:

First of all, the new generation has many functions. For business users in different fields, before operating this type of industrial processing equipment, it is necessary to systematically train and evaluate relevant technical personnel to ensure that the later operations are more standardized and correct.

Secondly, before the operation, each technician needs to read the relevant equipment instructions, including the specifications and precautions for operating the turning and milling machine. Only by grasping every detail can the equipment performance be played more thoroughly.

If a failure occurs during the daily operation, the operator should stop using it in accordance with the prescribed procedures, and promptly notify the staff of the equipment department to come for inspection and maintenance. If it is overhauled. Still can not meet the production and processing safety standards stipulated by the enterprise, then remember that you can no longer continue to operate and use, you must notify the brand manufacturer maintenance personnel to come to deal with the problem of the problem, to ensure that it can only be tested after the discharge.

For the operating environment of the lathe-milling machine, no harmful gases or odors should appear, and the environment should not be too humid during storage. During the operation of such industrial equipment, it must be kept away from heat sources and open flames.

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