Elbow processing is very common, and different industries have different uses. Many people know elbows. However, they often do not have a comprehensive understanding of the applications of elbow processing. A variety of elbows are used in some pipelines, such as vessel pipelines, car fuel pipelines and other pipelines.

Compared with other types of elbows, arc elbows also have more advantages. First of all, various materials move smoothly at the arc elbows, and the impact force on the wall is small and uniform. In addition, the arc elbows It has small stress concentration, high strength and high impact resistance.

The bulging of modern steel furniture, office chairs, beach chairs, luggage carts, shopping carts, strollers, computer desks, etc., several metal pipes constitute several bright lines, practical, convenient, safe and reliable. The sanitary ware field is also an important area of ​​use for elbow processing, such as faucets, towel racks, and S-shaped attachments.

Air-conditioning and refrigeration pipes are basically elbows, small U-shaped pipes, looped pipes, etc .; on motorcycles, cars, electric vehicles, bicycles and other vehicles, elbows, handles, bumpers, and frames are used; Equipment, lighting, construction machinery and other industries. It can be said that the use of elbow processing in a wide range of fields has brought great assistance to practical use and played an irreplaceable role and advantage in other products.

When we are using elbows, don’t squeeze them very strongly to avoid deformation of the wire rope, and then the structure is damaged and then the wire is broken early or the strand is broken. When the elbow is running at high speed, do not show a conflict with objects other than the matching wheel groove. When we wind the elbow on the reel, try to arrange it as neatly as possible. When we use the elbow, it must not be allowed to get wet. It is used in a dry place.

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