Nowadays, bending pipe processing technology has spread to all walks of life, such as the now very hot automobile industry and aerospace industry, etc., all kinds of bending pipe products are often used. For these industries, the quality of bent pipe processing products will directly affect the structural rationality, safety and reliability of the products produced by these industries.

Therefore, if we want to obtain high-quality bent pipe processing products, then we must grasp different process conditions and operating skills. If the cold processing method is adopted, then we must choose the shape of the mandrel reasonably, and at the same time master the correct method of use. We know that after determining the shape and size of the mandrel, the position where the mandrel is inserted into the tube to start bending is also an important factor affecting the quality of the bent tube.

Therefore, we must ensure its reasonableness as much as possible. If the inserted position is too far forward, it may cause the outer wall of the bent pipe to be squeezed; if the insertion is too small, the corresponding protective effect cannot be achieved, and even the inner side of the arc Wrinkles appear.

So, how should we grasp this suitable position? In fact, we can combine a formula to select: e≤ (1/4 ~ 1/2) D. The letter e in this formula represents the distance that the mandrel is inserted into the pipe at the beginning of bending, and the letter D represents the nominal size of the inner diameter of the processed product of the bent pipe. Then the specific value can be obtained by calculation.
After determining the size of the location, we should also conduct a trial bend based on this value. In the trial bending process, we can make appropriate adjustments in accordance with the specific situation to make the mandrel reach the proper position. In this way, the resulting bent pipe processed products can meet the requirements of use.

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