By using the right combination of equipment and software, the efficiency is significantly improved. The automation system has the obvious advantage of increasing productivity, as much as two-thirds in some applications, while providing a more precise method to maintain inventory during this process In the meantime, they improve operational efficiency and productivity, reduce inventory levels, and increase customer satisfaction.

The automatic storage and retrieval system allows quick access to the product, allowing its operator to reverse search terms at an ergonomic height, with a retrieval time of 70% and a residence time of only 30%. In some mold manufacturing, the efficiency can be increased by more than 400%.

By providing 100% storage access and delivering stored items with ergonomic height, all bending, stretching, and elimination are eliminated, the operator simply scans the bar code or part of the name number to enter into the system, and the stored items are automatically transferred to the operator, reducing 66% of the labor force.

The benefits of all these simple automations combined are huge, the return on investment is high, and it also depends on the type of system installed.

The mold production plant hopes to reduce the impact of the economic slowdown. Simple automation should be considered as a simple method to reduce costs, improve overall storage and retrieval efficiency, and make full use of existing facilities.

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