1: anodizing
In order to enrich the color of the product, we can usually make some oxidation treatment. The oxidation treatment can make all the colors except white. The oxidation treatment is done for the aluminum alloy. If it is other materials, it can’t make anodization. Steel material, you can choose plating, etc. anodized aluminum, anodizing aluminum, anodized, anodizing, aluminum anodizing, anodize aluminum, anodize, anodization, anodized metal, what is anodized aluminum, does anodized aluminum rust, what is anodized, what is anodizing, anodized, anodizing aluminum at home, anodizacion, how to anodize metal, anodized aluminum colors, anodization of aluminum, how to anodizing, how to anodized, how to anodize, blue anodized aluminum, red anodized aluminum, black anodized aluminum, Green anodized aluminum, yellow anodized aluminum, purple anodized aluminum, anodized finish, what does anodized aluminum mean, how does anodizing work, why anodize aluminum, anodize aluminum colors, anodized plastic, anodizing process, what is an anodized finish, what does anodizing do, anodized aluminum scratch, aesthetic anodizing, non anodized aluminum, multi color anodizing, anodized colors, anodized surface.

2: Plating
For some steel products, in order to prevent rust, we can make galvanized, galvanizing is also a cheaper way in electroplating. Of course, for some products, the outer surface is very beautiful, we can choose plating Nickel, the accessories we have made before, the mirror polished aluminum, and then electroplated nickel, looks very textured. For some door handles, the faucet will also choose chrome to look even brighter. diy yellow zinc plating, anodizing vs plating, rapid plating, diy zinc plating, plating and surface finishing, plating and surface finishing, electroplating plastic diy, north AIXI plating

3: Powder Coating
Powder spraying is to cover the surface of the product with high temperature. Generally, for sheet metal and mold products, more powder is sprayed because it can effectively cover the pores, making the product look very smooth. Note that if the material is magnesium Alloys cannot be used for powder spraying, and high temperatures cause the magnesium alloy to ignite. powder bed fusion, laser powder bed fusion, powder bed fusion 3d printing, powder bed fusion 3d printer, powder bed, powder bed fusion process, powder bed fusion additive manufacturing, what is powder, powder bed 3d printer, printing powder, 3d powder, powdered metal 3d printer, powder coating specification standards, powder printing, powder metal 3d printer, aixi powder, 3d printing powder, bed powder, anodizing vs powder coating, powder 3d printing, how to make dry pigment powder, 3d printer powder, passivation coating, anodizing coating,

4: Sandblasting
Sandblasting is divided into glass bead blasting and diamond blasting. It is also divided into fine sand and coarse sand. Glass bead blasting is mainly for some aluminum products. Diamond is mainly for steel products, which are sprayed according to customers’ needs. sand. sandblasting golf clubs, sandblasting chamber, sandblasting vs sanding,

5: Painting
Spray paint can also effectively prevent the rust of steel products, and can also add color to products such as magnesium alloy. soft touch painting, custom pc case painting service, pc case painting service, sanding aluminum for painting, finishing painting, painting and finishing,

6: silk screen
Generally, some numbers of audio, mechanical equipment, and medical equipment casings are completed by silk screen printing. Compared with the laser logo, the silk screen has the advantage of being able to make all colors, and the laser logo can only be black and white. aixi silk screen

7: Polishing
Generally, for cnc processed products, we will go through a polishing process, thinking that there are always some knife lines after machining, so we need to make polishing to solve it. Of course, we can also make a sandblasting because sandblasting can also cover the knife. Lines. Polishing also has a polishing grade, so you can usually tell us the product finish. polishing acrylic plastic, polishing clear acrylic, mold polishing service, plastic-polishing, polishing acrylic, aluminum polishing services, vapor polishing polycarbonate, vapor polishing, vapor polishing polycarbonate, vapor polishing acrylic, vapor polishing equipment, vapor polishing machine, polishing polycarbonate, surface polishing, plastic polishing, vapor polishing acrylic, polishing mild steel.

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