If the customer is looking for CNC lathe processing services, the most concerned is the price. A precision part processing, will certainly be compared to three or five homes will be placed. The positions are different and the concerns are different. For precision machining companies, the most common thing we communicate with our customers is service, not price. The price is of course important, but the price is corresponding to the service.

For example, our customer service, we receive a lot of enquiries every day, some provide drawings of precision parts processing, and we are eager to provide prices. For each quotation, in the eyes of the customer, just ask casually, we should answer immediately. For CNC lathe processing enterprises, the technical department must study some drawings before they can quote, which takes a little time. Some customers have no patience with this point. Some customers have provided us with a quote, so there is no following. There are too many spam requests here.
For example, a customer recently provided us with drawings of precision machining, and the technical department provided a quote after evaluating their drawings. The other party still feels too expensive, let us make a little more. It is not a spam inquiry. After seeing the sincerity of the customer, we also agree to consider it. The customer’s quotation dropped by 5%, and the customer did not reply. Then we have no other way, the CNC lathe processing cooperation can not be too reluctant. After all, this is not a profiteering industry, and the price is actually very transparent.

The quotation of precision machining is actually based on the drawings, the price of raw materials is evaluated, and the normal processing fee, the CNC lathe processing enterprise only earns a reasonable profit. Because it is not mass production, each is a non-standard part, and the cost cannot be depressed. The quotation of normal precision parts processing is not to say how low it is. If you give in 5% of the interest, you can’t do it anymore.

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