1. The mold silicone and the curing agent are evenly stirred. The appearance of the mold silica gel is a flowing liquid, the component A is silica gel, and the component B is a curing agent. For example, 100 g of silica gel is added, and 2 g of a curing agent is added (Note: the silica gel and the curing agent must be uniformly stirred, if not stirred uniformly, The mold will have a condition of uneven curing and drying, which will affect the service life of the silicone mold, and the number of times of mold turning, and even cause the mold to be scrapped.

2. Vacuum evacuation treatment. After the silica gel and the curing agent are evenly stirred, the vacuum is exhausted. The time for vacuuming should not be too long, generally not more than 10 minutes. Otherwise, the silica gel cures to produce a cross-linking reaction, which cannot be painted or poured, resulting in material waste.

3. Brushing the operation process. Pour the silica gel that has been bubbled on the master mold by brushing or pouring (make a release agent or mold release agent on the master mold before brushing or pouring), the brush mold must be even, and stick a layer after 30 minutes. Sand cloth or fiberglass cloth to increase the strength and tension of the mold; then apply a second time, then paste a layer of gauze or fiberglass cloth, and then apply silica gel. The mold thus treated has the service life and overmolding. More times, long service life, cost savings and improved efficiency.

4. The production of the outer mold. Generally, the method is to surround the mold with rubber sheets or wooden boards. One is to fill the mold frame with gypsum, and the other outer mold is coated with resin, coated with a layer of resin and coated. Brush a layer of fiberglass cloth, then brush and paste, and repeat the two or three layers to complete the outer mold.

5. The situation that the ratio of silica gel (silicone, lycopene) and curing agent is reflected. It is recommended that the amount of curing agent not more than 5%, the greater the proportion of curing agent, the faster the curing time, the more brittle the mold and the short service life. According to the product and process requirements, the amount of silicone oil can be added in an appropriate amount, and the molding effect is better. Note that the silicone oil should not be excessive (5%-10%), otherwise, it will affect the tensile strength and hardness of the silicone mold.

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