3C products usually refer to computers, tablets, mobile phones, digital cameras, walkmans, electronic dictionaries, audio-visual playback hardware devices or digital audio players, etc.

The so-called “3C products” are a combination of Computer, Communication, and Consumer Electronics, also known as “Information Appliances”. Because the volume of 3C products is generally not large, they often add a “small” word in the middle, so they are often collectively referred to as “3C small appliances.”

3C integration: refers to the use of digital information technology to activate any of these links, and through a certain agreement, to achieve the sharing and interconnection of information resources among the three computers, communications and consumer electronics products. “3C Fusion” enables people to realize information fusion application at any time and any place, which is convenient for their work and life. In the first decade of the 21st century, the context of the integration of the “3C” industry is clearly visible. Communications, IT, and home appliances all began to tend to “3C convergence” from their respective perspectives. Digital fusion products such as multimedia computers, Internet-capable TVs, camera phones, and PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant) that have been able to make phone calls have received increasing attention from consumers. Multifunctional and highly integrated digital terminal technology will be the future trend, and IT products will also follow this trend.

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