When many CNC precision machining companies develop new products, they will first create a model to verify according to the design drawings. This process is generally referred to as CNC precision aluminum part machining model proofing. Mainly to verify whether the design of this CNC precision machined product is reasonable. The CNC precision parts processing products not only have the characteristics of light weight and good strength, but have a good surface effect after oxidation treatment, and are deeply loved by CNC precision machining product development enterprises.

In the model proofing process of CNC precision aluminum parts processing, the programmer is required to prepare the CNC precision machining program according to the drawings, and the excess part of the aluminum alloy material is removed by machining to obtain the prototype of the product. On the production line of the CNC precision processing plant, the aluminum alloy model processed by the CNC lathe is used to process traces (knife marks and lines), and then sanded with sandpaper to make the appearance of the model smooth and smooth.

CNC precision aluminum parts processing in CNC precision processing plants, when the sandblasting process is carried out, the CNC precision machined surface is sprayed with a layer of sand-like effect, so that the samples processed by CNC precision aluminum parts look more textured. The oxidation of the samples processed by CNC precision aluminum parts is carried out to form a film which is not easy to scratch, so that the samples processed by CNC precision aluminum parts have high protection and observability.

The aluminum alloy model proofing is generally processed by CNC precision aluminum parts, and there is no limitation in the material, and it has higher processing precision and better material strength. The materials used for vacuum multi-mode and 3D printing are relatively brittle, confirmed and not heat resistant. Therefore, the general CNC precision processing plant will choose to use CNC precision aluminum parts processing when performing aluminum alloy model proofing.

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