The audio industry is a massive revenue-generating behemoth, with the sales of musical instruments alone making up for 4.5 billion dollars annually. As any musician may attest to, producing precise electric and acoustic instruments requires a fair bit of know-how and precision. That’s where CNC machining comes in, producing premium audio, guitars, violins and so much more, for both the major mass-market producers and the smaller operations.

High Quality CNC Machining

For some premium audio shell , usually directly full cnc machining, It looks very textured, sure this is more higher cost .some small gasket ,also need high precision machining and good finishing, never a little scratch because audio industry is different other industry ,we need do more higher surface , this is our understanding , we have some audio customers , they also always ask us to do good quality , and we also gset they good feedback still now .

Metal Sheet Audio Shell & Bracket

Now , many many people also like use metal sheet make this audio shell , because if use this processing , will reduce more cost ,and also have good surface , and inside some small bracket ,also usually make by metal steel processing .

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