On-demand production (not limited by batches, saving costs in the R&D stage)

Custom aluminum products are ideal for moving a client’s design from the imagination stage to the prototyping stage. Customization is a special service and is not limited by batches. We can accept 1 MOQ when the customer is still in the design and testing stage. It can save the cost and time in the research and development stage, so that the product can be put into the market as soon as possible; the quantity is flexible, and when the product effect is not satisfactory, the drawing file can be modified immediately to find the problem; the process is flexible, and multiple processes can be combined to meet the demand. Flexible batch sizes allow us to offer competitive pricing, matching any offer.

Uniform precision and quality

Aixi will not reduce product quality and precision due to small batch production. Because we have a strong raw material supply chain, we will not be limited by the order quantity. Aixi’s engineering workshop has an experienced engineer team to manufacture through computer-controlled imported 3-axis, 4-axis and 5-axis CNC machine tools. They are mature enough for custom aluminum processing technology and technology, and can quickly process various complex products. This method of CNC machining is faster and more precise than manual machining.

Our production workshop maintains a 24/7 production mode. And any batch of products, there is no difference in quality, equipment and quality control links, and will be delivered in an orderly and fast manner under the premise of ensuring quality.

HASS Machine

Material advantages (price, ductility)

Commonly used aluminum alloy models: 7075, 5052, 6061, 6063, 6061-t5, 6063-t5. Due to the wide application of lightweight metals, CNC aluminum alloy machining parts have become the choice of many industries. Aluminum’s light weight, high specific strength, corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity are its outstanding features; the cost of aluminum and aluminum alloys is more economical and applicable than other metal materials.The density of aluminum is small, and it can be made into various aluminum alloys, such as duralumin, super duralumin, rust-proof aluminum, cast aluminum, etc., which can be widely used in manufacturing industries such as aircraft, automobiles, trains, and ships; The specific strength of aluminum alloy is high. The tensile strength of high-strength aluminum alloy in aluminum alloy can reach more than 700MPa, which is three times the tensile strength of the same steel quality, but it is lighter than steel. One of the earliest applications of aluminum alloy is in the field of construction. It has been the core value material of high-rise buildings and skyscrapers;

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The corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy, aluminum forms an oxide film on the surface of aluminum in oxygen and other oxidants. The aluminum oxide film not only has strong corrosion resistance and certain insulation, so aluminum alloy frames become the first choice for building decoration. It is light in weight, can resist impact, and is more suitable for areas with strong winds and strong storms;

Aluminum’s electrical conductivity is an ideal material for distribution networks, whether overhead transmission lines or local distribution lines, as it has a better conductivity to weight ratio than copper and is one of the most common materials used in electrical applications. At present, my country’s overhead bare conductors have all used aluminum and aluminum alloys.

Therefore, aluminum and aluminum products are more competitive than other metal products in the process of manufacture, use and transportation.

surface treatment

The purpose of surface treatment is to overcome and cover up some defects of aluminum alloy in the machining process and to meet some special requirements of customers for product appearance.Common surface treatment operations for aluminum alloys include sandblasting, shot blasting, polishing, electrophoresis, chromizing, powder treatment (dusting), chemical oxidation, passivation treatment, coloring treatment, diamond cutting and drawing, electroplating, anodizing, high-gloss cutting, Scrub pattern, batch flower.

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