For the current processing industry, wire cutting is a very common cutting process. For fast cutting wire cutting, the same mechanical equipment, the quality of the product will be different after being operated by different people.

It will also have a certain impact on the normal use of the machine. Here, Hongao Precision Machinery will briefly introduce it for fast use.

The method of wire cutting. First, find the line you are cutting.

1, the line method is correct. If you are working on a multi-layer thin-walled sheet metal part, as it will be welded or punched

The effect of the inch, the edge of the board will not be neat and tidy. At this time, if the cutting accuracy is not high. under these circumstances,

This can be done by using a chemical fiber alignment method or by a manual method.

2, paper pattern alignment method, this alignment method is also a more common method, when multi-layer thin-walled bows do

When cutting the shape, it is necessary to operate the inner contour or the hole. Then it is necessary to carry out the silk in multiple places.

Pre-wearing operation. At this point, we can paste a one-to-one pattern on the workpiece to be processed, so that not only will it be sent

The deviation of the line hole and the line cut also occur. It will also become easier.

Rapid cutting line cutting is also a technique for cutting internal controls, keyways or external circles, making the toothed workpieces can.

1. For the process holes to be calibrated, many workpieces should be processed according to the machining steps. Usually, this process should be on the board

On the left and right sides and diagonally. At this time, the size of the machined hole or the quality of the surface is a better feeling.

In this case, you can use the corresponding hole on the bridge tool and then use the position of the tip to perform the alignment.

2, universal table alignment is also a common alignment method using fast cutting line cutting technology. This correction method

The most important feature is the relatively high precision, so the probability of using it is relatively large.

The quick cutting line is one of the cutting methods currently used. This cutting method requires a higher cutting technique but cuts

Cutting technology is actually based on cutting experience, so for the operator, we must accumulate some experience.

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