Prototyping And Manufacturing Services Make Your Ideas Come True

At AIXI Hardware, we are a factory that provides high-precision CNC prototyping, fast tools and small batch services, providing the most powerful manufacturing for your product development and making your design a reality.

Usually 3D printing and high-precision CNC machining can be completed in a few days. Some products we also use silicone molds, with high quality surface and competitive price, we will design according to the product.

And choose a better process to make, when you receive the sample, if there is any problem with the design, we can also combine our experience to help analyze this product, I believe you will learn and get a lot of manufacturing knowledge. We are also happy to help our clients solve all industry problems.

Prototyping Services

Before the mass production, the design and manufacture of the sample is very important. If the sample is started without confirmation, there will be a lot of loss. We are a team that specializes in manufacturing prototypes. Our services include: CNC machiningvacuum casting, injection molding, extrusion, sheet metal prototyping and 3D printing. Making your samples a reality is our goal.


Low volumes manufacturing is one of the best ways to detect the market. We can make metal and plastic related products. The traditional processing covers almost all industries. Usually we make more cars, lamps, medical treatments. Bicycles, photography tools, mechanical equipment accessories, servers, stereos, headphones, etc.

Top-Grade China CNC Machining Manufacturer – AIXI Hardware (Metal & Plastic Parts Customized Services)

AIXI Hardware Co.,Limited is a precision manufacturing factory located in Dongguan Guang Dong. It is a professional manufacturer of cnc processing (CNC milling and turning services, five axis machining, precision aluminum machining, CNC prototype, CNC metal parts), 3D printing, sheet metal, silicone mold and injection molding.

We have a complete production management system, ISO standard, and The internal staff has systematically trained the ISO process, so the production, manufacturing, testing, assembly and packaging of the products are very clear.

And the factory is also certified by ISO 9001. We are in an industrial park. Our main focus is on quality. We also have the latest knowledge of performance appraisal and regular training for our quality personnel. This is also to confirm the product without any mistakes. It is also a 100% good quality product.

We have a professional international sales team, on how to ship, import / export declarations, all international knowledge, are very clear, and the sales team also regularly learn the hardware industry knowledge. So you will find it very happy to communicate with us and discover our profession.

Quality Assurance

The most important thing in the custom processing industry is quality. Therefore, at AIXI, we have the highest requirements for the quality department. We must inspect the products in strict accordance with the ISO standards, and we will produce test reports before shipment, send them to customers for confirmation, and also ship. Will send a material report, you must do exactly every step.

Therefore, we always get good feedback from our customers. They also introduce some new customers to us. We will never stop and serve every customer.

More information about our quality control system.

Why Customers Choose US

1: Technical workers have all graduated from the CNC program, familiar with and able to operate various types of software, passionate in work, enabling products to be delivered quickly.

2: Complete processing equipment and quality control to obtain top-quality products.

3: The sales team’s extensive customs clearance knowledge enables smooth and timely delivery of goods.

4: Can provide product design and material analysis (milling turning drilling machining) when quoting.

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