The small part of the precision parts processing plant tells you. What are the six major production modes for high-precision CNC lathes?

Many high-precision CNC lathes are imported automatic bearings with high-speed, high-rigid, high-precision automatic lathes. So what kind of production mode does a high-precision CNC lathe have? There are mainly six modes:

1. Rigid automated production line: This is a repetitive instruction to use high-precision CNC lathes to refine the production line in large quantities. It is of great significance for improving productivity and ensuring product quality, but the system is poorly flexible and limited to a few products, and the production preparation time is long.

2. Cluster-type workshop: The cluster-type workshop performs organizational structure decomposition and machine tool layout according to the type of work. The advantages are greater flexibility, low efficiency, long production cycle and complicated management.

3. Combined high-precision CNC lathe production line: Compared with the traditional rigid production line, the combined high-precision CNC lathe production line has greater flexibility and is more suitable for processing large batches of complex parts.

4. Flexible manufacturing system: This is a comprehensive automatic processing system that can change a variety of processing objects by using CNC machining lathe, automatic output device, automatic replacement and storage of tools, fixtures and workpieces, and computer control system.

5, virtual enterprise: In order to solve the problem of high-precision CNC lathe large-scale benefits for the production of customized products, the United States’ advanced manufacturing technology plan will use agile manufacturing as the 21st century manufacturing strategy of the United States. To achieve the production of a virtual enterprise, the following basic conditions should be met:
1 has established an information superhighway that can send the correct information to the right person at the right time;
2 A large number of specialized modularized enterprises with reasonable division of labor have been established;
3 The corporate culture of mutual trust, mutual cooperation, and law-abiding in society is dominant.

6. Modular manufacturing system: The modular manufacturing system is a new manufacturing system for products with technical difficulties. It is a «flexible» production system based on standardized and modular systems. The feature is that when a new product is put into production, the standardized module can quickly form a new manufacturing system. When the product is finished, the modules that make up the manufacturing system can be removed for the manufacturing system of other new products.

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