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¿Cómo elegir los materiales de mecanizado CNC adecuados?

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El mecanizado por control numérico por computadora (CNC) es un proceso crucial en la fabricación, que permite cortar y dar forma con precisión a diversos materiales. El éxito de cualquier proyecto de mecanizado CNC depende en gran medida de la elección del material. La selección del material adecuado garantiza la funcionalidad, durabilidad y rentabilidad deseadas…

¿Qué es el servicio de corte CNC?

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El servicio de corte CNC se refiere a la instrucción (o programa) de la pieza de trabajo utilizada para controlar máquinas herramienta o equipos, que es un nuevo método de control proporcionado en forma digital. Cuando se proporcionan instrucciones al dispositivo de control de la máquina cortadora automática CNC, la máquina cortadora puede cortar automáticamente…

The use of cutting oil in CNC machining

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Classification, characteristics, functions and usage precautions of cutting oil in machining Mechanical cutting oil is a special lubricating oil. It is mainly used for lubrication, cooling, cleaning, anti-corrosion and other functions during metal cutting. It can improve cutting quality, extend the life of cutting tools, improve production efficiency and reduce costs. . Correct selection and…

The detailed process of CNC machining and its flexible application in manufacturing

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CNC machining is a method of machining using computer-controlled CNC machine tools. It generates instructions through pre-written processing programs to control the machine tool to cut along the specified path, thereby realizing the processing of the workpiece. CNC machining can be performed on almost any material from expanded polyurethane foam to nickel superalloys. CNC machining…

CNC machining-copper

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CNC copper machining is one of the most precise metal machining services for manufacturing copper parts across industries. Copper has ductility, high thermal and electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance and wear resistance, good formability during hot and cold working, and is a good conductor of heat and electricity. These properties make it the right choice for…

Application differences between CNC acrylic and CNC polycarbonate

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Acrylic and polycarbonate are very similar in many ways, but there are some important differences. So we often choose the best material based on factors such as lead time and cost, ease of processing, and the specific application for which the material is suitable. Characteristics of Acrylic and Polycarbonate characteristic acrylic acid polycarbonate Strength and…

New Machining Address – Start New Great Manufacturing AIXI Hardware

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As AIXI Hardware, We have moved from Shenzhen to the great manufacturing city of Dongguan in September. Due to the high rent in Shenzhen, we always reduce our profits to provide customers with better prices, which is limited by our development. Therefore, after a long internal discussion, we decided to move the factory to Dongguan….

Reasons why five-axis machining center affects machining accuracy

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Five-axis machining CNC center CNC machine tool is a high-speed, high-efficiency, and cost-effective production equipment. It is easy to operate, has a simple process, and greatly reduces labor waste. However, sometimes failures such as unstable processing accuracy may occur under internal or external conditions.   The reasons for the unstable processing accuracy of CNC machine…

Precision-manufactured CNC machining technology

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Precision-manufactured CNC machining technology   The application of CNC technology has brought about qualitative changes in traditional manufacturing. In recent years, the development of microelectronics technology and computer technology has given CNC technology new vitality. CNC technology and CNC equipment are an important foundation for the industrial modernization of various countries. CNC machine tools are…

The relationship and application of G code and CNC machine tool

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G-code  is the most widely used computer numerical control programming language. It is primarily used in computer-aided manufacturing to control automated machine tools and has many variants. G-code instructions are given to the machine controller (industrial computer), which tells the motor where to move, how fast to move, and what path to follow. The two…