Must pay attention to the auto parts industry

If you still think that the car is the engine is the core, then you are wrong, this topic, there may be many people will refute me, but today I want to talk to you about a topic, a point that everyone must pay attention to the auto parts industry topic. Everyone knows that China is now the world’s largest auto country. This so-called auto power is not the best in the world for manufacturing cars. It is not the world’s best in manufacturing some of the core things in cars. The world’s largest, because China has a large population, the sales of cars are naturally the most, what is the significance of such a big car country? Then let’s talk about today’s topic, there is so many big car sales, then the level of automobile manufacturing is actually very backward. Some of the best cars sold in China are basically joint-venture brands. The joint venture, as its name implies, is a domestic and foreign joint venture car company. After all, you are familiar with: German Volkswagen, American General, South Korea’s Hyundai and Kia, and Japan’s Honda. There are many more than Toyota. These companies have set up factories in China to jointly set up factories. They have taken a big piece of cake like China. Then, is the Chinese people completely useless? Nor is it that domestic cooperation units are constantly striving to learn technology from them. The most typical ones are FAW, Brilliance, SAIC, etc. They are cooperating in the production of these various foreign brands while also developing themselves with technology. s brand. These things are good things, but everyone just saw the surface. As early as ten years ago, everyone knows that the cars produced by our country are basically the engine technology of foreigners. In fact, it has been ten years now, and everything has changed. Domestically, it also has its own engine technology. So why do domestically produced companies still sell joint venture cars? This problem is no longer the simple question of engine technology. I recently read a report about the processing of bulk parts in China. It is very profound. The report pointed out:
Compared with the developed countries, China has insufficient understanding of the development of parts and components, and has seriously deviated from the direction. For example, developed countries are developing, scientifically and systematically developing vehicles and parts. We only look at production value and GDP. In the early days of reform and opening up, the money for investment promotion was spent on the whole vehicle; in the middle of the reform and opening up, in order to expand production capacity, a large amount of money was invested in the entire vehicle. Therefore, in the past period of history, the development of vehicles and parts is very uncoordinated. The reason for the inability to synchronize development is, on the one hand, the “senior awareness” of attracting investment from all over the country; on the other hand, it is because of political needs.

When it comes to political needs, the reporter thinks of the secretary-general of a branch of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers who was interviewed not long ago. He clearly pointed out: «It is not feasible to change technology by market.» Korean auto parts were originally developed through joint ventures, but they have arrived. At the stage, it will achieve independent development through the adjustment of national industrial policies. In China, such a path does not work. This is because many large joint venture projects are dominated by local governments and industry departments. In order to demonstrate political achievements, local governments and industry departments will unconditionally reduce the standards and bottom line of joint venture cooperation, and even some projects that are highly polluting to the environment. I am also afraid that I will not be able to talk about it, and I will not achieve the purpose of attracting investment. In the negotiation stage of some joint venture projects, the Chinese side of the joint venture has its own ideas and hopes to maintain the interests of the Chinese side through negotiations and strive for more initiative in the future development. Often, the local government will exert pressure on the Chinese side of the joint venture, and eventually the foreign party will have the initiative in the negotiation stage.

Yes, you are not mistaken. Now the biggest difference between domestic and joint-venture cars is not a big one, but some small details. I asked a friend before that he opened a domestic brand car and opened it for three years. He said that you want to say this domestic car. The price is good, but the big problem all day is not. Small problems often occur, it is very troublesome. heart. After I heard it, I think it is also a car. At least for a family, it still costs a lot of money. Since it is a big thing, when every family buys a car, whoever wants to buy it often has a small problem. The car is coming back to find a sin? The main reason for these small problems is the failure of auto parts. So some people have doubts, haven’t they already learned the skills of foreigners? Why can’t such a small component be produced? This is the biggest problem now. In the past ten years, the company only knows to learn a lot of big parts, engines, complete vehicles, assembly, etc., but ignores the extremely inconspicuous parts, and it is this part that makes domestic cars. The problem has been overtaken by the joint venture car. This problem is now very serious. Because some core automotive precision parts, foreigners are not willing to let the Chinese produce themselves, preferring to import, so it is difficult for Chinese to learn.

In fact, many companies in our country are also researching parts and components. «In terms of parts, such as crankshafts, pistons and cylinder liners, we now have the world’s number one company, regardless of scale and R&D level, which is enough to make us feel at ease and proud. The expert said that in the field of internal combustion engine parts and components, some independent brand enterprises not only reach the world’s first scale, but also have research and development and production capacity of medium and high-end products. However, this is only a very small part. Most of the enterprises are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises. In the process of development, the strength of funds, research and development is very weak, and the state does not help. Some experts say so. Parts and components are small industries, and the state does not manage this field, and it is useless to manage it.» Another component industry person holds the same pessimistic tone. He believes that for the auto parts industry, the state will not manage it, and the second is that it cannot be managed. «A rush, vicious competition, little investment in research and development…». However, the country has recently introduced the «Three Guarantees» method for the processing of bulk parts of automobiles. It is obvious that the state will not continue to see such a situation. I believe that the auto parts industry in our country will get better and better, and the auto parts companies will get better and better.

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