Gear processing method and specific method

When we choose a gear processing factory, we must choose the quality premise. AIXI Hardware has a certain reputation and has a good reputation.
There are two types of involute gear processing methods, one is the profiling method, and the gear groove of the gear is milled out by the forming cutter, which is “imitation shape”.
The other is Fan Chengfa (Exhibition Method).

(1) Hobbing machine hobbing: It can process helical teeth below 8 modules
(2) Milling machine milling: can process straight rack
(3) Inserting teeth: can process internal teeth
(4) Cold punching machine: can be processed without debris
(5) planing machine planing teeth: can process 16 modulus large gears
(6) Precision casting teeth: can process cheap pinions in large quantities
(7) Grinding machine grinding gear: can process the gear on the precision machine
(8) Die casting machine casting teeth: most processing non-ferrous metal gears
(9) Shaving machine: It is a metal cutting machine for gear finishing

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