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Skills for CNC lathes to process thin-walled parts!

High precision PEEK

During the machining and cutting process, the CNC lathe is subjected to the action of the cutting force, and the elastic deformation occurs in the direction of the force, which is what we often call the phenomenon of letting the knife. Corresponding measures should be taken on the tool to deal with such deformation. The…

Why 5-axis machining is becoming more and more popular?

CNC5 axis machining

Five-axis machining is not a new term at present, and it has been widely used in enterprise practice. The following is a brief introduction to the reasons why the five-axis machining center is so popular. First, the economy of the five-axis machining center. 1: The five-axis machining center can clamp multiple workpieces at one time,…

Do you know the process of CNC machining?

NC black conductive POM plastic parts

Many people are not clear about the CNC machining process, so the CNC processing factory will briefly introduce what the CNC machining process is. The composition of the entire CNC process includes product analysis-graphic planning-process planning-pathway generation-pathway simulation-pathway output-processing-inspection. 1. Product analysis should obtain certain composition information and some specific processing requirements. 2. Graphic planning…