Many people are not clear about the CNC machining process, so the CNC processing factory will briefly introduce what the CNC machining process is.

The composition of the entire CNC process includes product analysis-graphic planning-process planning-pathway generation-pathway simulation-pathway output-processing-inspection.

1. Product analysis should obtain certain composition information and some specific processing requirements.

2. Graphic planning should first be based on a detailed analysis of the product. For example, regarding the processing of the seal, we need to confirm the font, text size, seal type, etc. through the analysis and processing requirements.

3. After the process planning analyzes the appearance and processing requirements of the workpiece product in the early stage, each processing process is reasonably established from the overall situation of the processing.

4. The process of path generation is actually that we complete the process planning through the software, and make certain optimizations about the tool path through the parameter setting.

5. Ways to imitate. In the future, we generally don’t have an intuitive feeling about its effect on the machine tool. Here we can imitate and inspect the possible problems, thereby reducing the actual processing waste rate.The main point of the general inspection is the appearance of the workpiece, whether it is over-cut or under-cut, and then whether the process planning of the route is reasonable.

6. Path output is a necessary process for the completion of software planning and programming on the machine tool. Through the path output, the center can refer to the two to establish a connection. If you have a professional background in CNC, you can also understand it as the post-processing of the tool path.

Generally, the upper and lower sides of the workpiece are processed. In special cases, the workpiece is processed on three sides, four sides, five sides or six sides. In the process of processing, we will reserve the glue in the side basket for the product (workpiece), use the side basket to pull the bone to fix the product (workpiece), pour the plaster to position the product (workpiece), and the product (workpiece) and CNC during processing There will be no bonding effect on the working table, which better ensures that the processed product (workpiece) will not be deformed and the material level of the product (workpiece) will be accurate.

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