Five-axis machining is not a new term at present, and it has been widely used in enterprise practice. The following is a brief introduction to the reasons why the five-axis machining center is so popular.

First, the economy of the five-axis machining center.

1: The five-axis machining center can clamp multiple workpieces at one time, and can process accurately, saving multiple machines, saving manpower and improving consumption efficiency.

2: Environmental protection: There is no black smoke and waste water discharge in the whole production process, and no pollution.

3: Green energy: The process is completely combined with high-tech artificial, and the energy consumption is extremely low.

4: All components are metal parts, plastic is rarely used, and the circulating cooling water and lubricating oil are filtered and reused.

Second, the aesthetics of the five-axis machining center.

1: The design elements of the five-axis machining center present the overall combination of technological sense, type, color and material. With the product image of quality, trust and stability, it shows the company’s focus and quality of the novel machinery enterprise image and the central area of ​​Taiwan. The world’s fourth largest and the base of CNC tool manufacturing. The local cultural manufacturing features: fashionable and beautiful, cost-effective.

2: The appearance of the five-axis machining center and aesthetics is more independent and comprehensive human factors design. Operator safety protection: fully enclosed splash plate metal shield is used.

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