Special-shaped sheet metal processing also has a high appearance rate among manufacturers of mechanical equipment. Since 2005, the development momentum of the sheet metal industry has been very rapid, and the position and weight in the market are becoming more and more important, not only to our company. In addition to the huge economic benefits, it also brought convenience to the production and life of my residents.

The cost of mold manufacturing for special-shaped sheet metal processing large products is very high. Laser processing does not require any mold manufacturing, and laser processing completely avoids the sags formed when the material is punched and sheared, which can greatly reduce the production cost of the enterprise and improve the product grade. Can greatly reduce the processing time, laser cutting technology is widely used in the processing of metal and non-metal materials. Reduce processing costs and improve workpiece quality. Pulsed laser is suitable for metal materials, continuous laser is suitable for non-metallic materials, the latter is an important application field of laser cutting technology.

It has been widely used in the processing of special-shaped sheet metal. It solves the problems of high precision, complex shape and large batch of parts in sheet metal processing. The application of numerical control technology greatly improves the processing ability of sheet metal, guarantees the quality and output of sheet metal parts, and also greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers. The design of shaped sheet metal processing has become a product development process. An important part, so mechanical engineers must be proficient in the design skills of sheet metal parts, so that the designed sheet metal not only meets the requirements of product function and appearance, but also makes stamping die manufacturing simpler and lower cost .

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