Shenzhen stamping machine selection specifications in the selection of stamping type, must also determine the equipment specifications, mold design work. The selection of the best-selling Shenzhen stamping machine is also determined according to the technical plan and calculation results, coordination of the mold number, and equipment parameters. Of course, there are still many people who do not understand these parameters. Let me introduce in detail what technical parameters you need to know when choosing Shenzhen stamping equipment?

What technical parameters should be understood when choosing Shenzhen stamping machine equipment

1. Nominal pressure

The downward pressure of the stamping slider of the Shenzhen stamping machine can affect the operation of the punching machine. The pressure of the Shenzhen stamping machine is downward with the position of the slider (crank press, can also be regarded as the angle of crank rotation), the slider Can withstand big influences. This specific distance is called the pressure and the corresponding nominal pressure angle of the crank angle. The nominal pressure reflects the magnitude of the impact it has suffered. Nominal pressure is an important technical parameter. The safety specifications of the punching machine are selected to ensure the stamping production. The force required for the stamping process must be less than the allowable stress of the punching machine.

2. Closed height and loading height

The distance between the end face of the Shenzhen stamping machine and the surface of the table is called the height of the perforation. The difference between the height of the income and the thickness of the board is the height of the mold. If there is no plate height is equal to the height of the mold. Adjusting the adjusting screw can achieve the height adjustment of the connecting rod mold within a certain range. When the slider adjusts the upper limit position to fill the peak. Conversely, when the slider is adjusted to the limit position, the mold height is the height of the small packaging mold.

3. Slider stroke

The stroke of the slider refers to the distance that the slider falls from the upper high point to the lower low point, and its size reflects the working range of the Shenzhen stamping machine, and the stamping height of the Shenzhen stamping machine is higher. Stamping is considered to enter the die smoothly after determining the stamping blank. The greater impact on productivity is mainly based on the demand for productivity, the deformation speed of the material and the feasibility of allowing continuous operation, etc.

All in all, the technical parameters to be understood when selecting Shenzhen press equipment are nominal pressure, closing height and loading height, and slider stroke. The reputation of Shenzhen stamping machine is good because the impact of different types of stamping processing and its changing rules in the stamping process are also different. At the same time, the big influence of the slider is changed. Therefore, it should be selected based on the pressure curve of the perforation and the actual specific stamping processing type. Pressure curve.

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