1: When recevied customer inquiry , our sales will forward the drawings to engineers check it, if we can do it , our engineers will give the price to sales , then our sales make a detail quotation to customer . if we can’t do it , we also will give feedback or advcice cutomer how to modify the design lets the products can do it .

2: When receveid cutomer’s order , we will organize the drawings amd arrange the order to workshop .

3: Workshop get the order , they will start to buy material and organize a produce .

4: During produce , QC people will always follow-up the order . ensure the quality 100% correct , and delivery in time .

5: When finsihed products , QC people will complete inspection and offer the checking report to Customer . sales organize a shipment and offer tracking number to customer .

6: When customer received goods , sales will do after-sale (ask customer products if ok ?) if have any questions , our factory wil make a fast solution , but from now on , our order 99% is perfect .

If you think our workfolws is no problem , welcome contact and send us a inquiry . for our cnc machining services.

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