How to prevent pom material from being deformed? Deformation is caused by several factors:

1. Clamping deformation, POM material is not like steel, the clamping will be deformed, and the product will return to the original state after loosening after rough machining.

2. Thermal deformation, a lot of heat will be generated during processing, and POM material is very sensitive to heat, which leads to deformation

3. Elastic deformation, the toughness of POM material is very good. When cutting, the product deforms elastically. After the tool leaves, the product will recover a certain degree of deformation.

The following measures can be taken to address these factors:

1. Before roughing, make the blank into a standard product, and then perform roughing again, and perform as much processing as possible to reduce the amount of deformation. It can also be treated with viscose, so the deformation is small.

2. Use white steel knives (common name for high-speed steel knives) instead of alloy knives, because white steel knives are very sharp and the heat generated during the cutting process is relatively small.

3. Don’t cut too much.

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